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1.12306 wiring volunteers: they can not buy votes  

during the Spring Festival railway group customer service center all day without rest, 93 artificial agents receiving daily consultation about 20 thousand, in the customer service personnel, over 60% volunteers from Guangzhou Institute of Railway Technology. These 90 college students, average per person per day calls more than and 150, in addition to the normal service, they often scolded by the passengers to buy tickets, but with numerous passenger tickets, they also have people back to school after the holiday tickets are not available.

"passengers can not buy tickets to call, my heart will be anxious for them." Freshman Kwong Hin Guangzhou Railway Vocational Foreign Language Department, the 18 year old girl and 153 volunteers responsible for customer service. "Why not book tickets" she asked the most questions by phone to buy tickets for the travelers scold is "homely food", the longest time is "entanglement" for half an hour. "You 12306 what the hell? What can be done!" Mr Yan said that volunteering at the students here are 90, some of the first posts, a phone was a stranger to his face questioning and even scold, "some students were crying curse." Mr Yan said that he intended to return to Guangzhou from Shaoguan in February 2nd to continue service posts, but the whole bedroom classmates sent also can not buy a train ticket, "so to understand their feelings, they will patiently appease."

2 WeChat PC version to be released: built in QQ browser can chat while watching the web page

news January 13th, Tencent QQ browser and WeChat team is trying to launch PC version of WeChat’s new form. According to reports, this is called the Windows version of WeChat’s products to plug in the form of attachment to the PC version of the QQ browser, you can achieve the same side of the WeChat chat page browsing experience.

version of WeChat Windows is actually composed of Web version of WeChat and WeChat team, but the latter is developed independently, the former is across the QQ browser and WeChat two product lines, two teams have jointly developed a few months.

in the upcoming release of a new version of the QQ browser, Windows version of WeChat will be in a similar form of plug-in appear in the application center, the user can choose the independent installation (the same version of the QQ browser also provides WeChat already installed version).

3 Blue: a strategic new media platform to decrypt the

financial reporter working platform under the water potentialThe properties of the

media have changed dramatically. After the newspaper or television media portal, change attributes have been strong to rely on social networking and the platform of the new media.

today, I am deeply reading a super strategic new media platform, in order to provide more information to engage in the dissemination of peer reference, as the interpretation of the object is not registered outside the outside world