09 network community survey countdown to thousands of people involved

day before, by Comsenz (Comsenz) and iResearch (iResearch), "stationmaster" Club (zz.comsenz.com) jointly launched the 2009 session of the fifth development China Internet community survey activities entered the countdown stage, up to now, there are thousands of community webmaster and Internet users in the community. It has been supported by more than 300 websites including portal website, industry media and professional community.


community is different with the previous survey, the community survey activities in addition to the large and medium-sized community investigation, combines the current hot, investigation of the SNS community, open platform and other popular Internet applications, in order to obtain the latest data, good service station and the community of Internet users, and ultimately the new development SNS, open platform and application needs to provide data support and direction pointer.

at the same time, the survey also for a particular community sample collection, such as the famous local community forum, Yantai, Danyang wing Donglin Academy network; SNS sites like building network, blue Ya net industry; community network, such as friends of a blue, ideal gift net in the collection range. Activities responsible person said, for each community sample collection, designed to provide more accurate data support for the survey. Currently, the impact of the survey is also based on the community in the amplification. At the same time, in order to thank the many community owners and users of the community concern and support, the organizers in the last few weeks drawn weekly "community star" to reward participants."

it is understood that since the beginning of the survey in July 24th to now, the survey has been announced 4 weeks and the award of the "community star" award, the award-winning list has been updated in the official website.

analysis of stakeholders, the China Internet community development once a year "survey report", China is the most authoritative and instructive community survey, it is important to study the development of community marketing value and community behavior of Internet users.

community survey address: http://s.event.comsenz.com/2009report/