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1 public comment denied $2 billion acquisition of Baidu co-founder: rumors are

      today morning media reported that public comment has Baidu and go to the table to discuss matters relating to the acquisition of Baidu, given the price tag estimated at about $2 billion. Comments on the public comment on this report is not true, and public comment director, co-founder of the dragon also responded that these are rumors.

2 electricity supplier shopping guide winter: brewing beauty said the transformation of fashion

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technical director Feng Dahui said, the Alibaba is in talks with acquisition. Tencent technology learned from a number of investors, the two sides have reached a preliminary intention, but has not yet reached a final deal.

and WeChat are 3 world that love, "tangled and difficult with


note: all day yesterday, I believe you are the WeChat circle of friends scraper, launched Ma and Lu Zhaoxi in the staff promotion application and from Ali IM, forced employees everywhere to promote their exchange account two-dimensional code, titanium media editors also found that many peers out "in order to help brother at the end of the year is nearly missed, attention off", have joined the team.

WeChat model, so many people see the opportunity. However, several months launched easecredit, at the beginning of the thunder large, now, and how many people in the mobile phone has become a zombie application? As the major TV manufacturers have introduced smart TVs, the giants in the field of IM have also started to join, to "create" a good red sea.

Ma Yun is also out many times "exchange platform, is a speech on the intranet said yesterday, there is WeChat’s one-child policy makes people uncomfortable," and "like" child ", although there have been a big brother, a child is still very important.

"and" strong push, the Alibaba can see but can fix the anxiety, users can jump out of the "WeChat" has made a good idea, a detailedanalysis of titanium media author?.

4 on the Internet, those similar products, different circles

everyone has their own circle, each member of the group has their similar or the same hobby, each circle is also relatively used to their brands and products. Is the so-called Like attracts like., Ferrari, Lamborghini Birds of a feather flock together., people probably won’t often open Xiali people mixed together, wearing Prada, GUCCI people probably do not often wear and Adidas, Nike people mixed together.

in the pre Internet era, because the product price difference is bigger, so the product can obviously reflect the people’s identity, and then identify their circle, but in the Internet era, the product price difference is not so big, and in many cases the products are free, the difference between products also use circle >