Taobao was established in Beijing branch Wu Yongming as general manager

              July 8th morning news, Taobao confirmed today has officially set up a branch in Beijing, Wu Yongming, former general manager of Ali mother as general manager of the company. It is reported that the Beijing branch of Taobao currently team size of more than 300 people, the address in the opposite East sanhuan CCTV Taikang financial building.

last October, there have been industry sources said Taobao is looking for office buildings in Beijing, intends to set up a branch in Beijing. Taobao spokesman was denied, saying only that the company’s search department in order to meet the expansion needs of the team to find new office buildings. At the beginning of last September, the Ali Mama Alibaba group merged into Taobao, the new company using the "Taobao" brand. Among them, Taobao President Lu Zhaoxi as the new president of the company, Ali mother general manager Wu Yongming as vice president of Taobao, Ali mother in charge of business.

Wu Yongming

Wu Yongming profile:

1996 graduated from the computer department of Zhejiang University of Technology, joined the Chinese yellow pages.

1997, Wu Yongming followed Ma to Beijing, did the Ministry of foreign trade website, a person responsible for web development.

1999, follow Ma to return to Hangzhou to establish Alibaba, Alibaba’s eighteen, the first generation of programmers.

2003, Taobao started, Wu Yongming is one of the top 7 Ma points.

2004, Alipay was founded, he became the technical director of alipay. China later served as YAHOO’s P4P (pay) products and technical director.

May 2007, the formation of Ali mother entrepreneurial team.

September 4, 2008, Taobao and Ali mother merger. 8, confirmed that Wu Yongming was appointed Vice President of the new company