Forged Ma Huateng signature in Taobao received protection fee secret rogue malicious complaints

February 7th, the Alibaba issued a document that the first ban on "intellectual rogue" to declare war on black industry malicious complaints, complaints of harassment and extortion by using false Taobao merchant malicious intellectual property agency issued the ban order.

"fake" and "infringement" is the most hated as Taobao buyers, but also the most headaches of Alibaba. Therefore, Ali every year billions of dollars in fake rectification. But in a "complaint" and "report" in the business, set up a black industry chain of false complaints.

According to Alibaba

platform management department statistics, in 2016 the Alibaba platform found a total of malicious behavior of human rights complaints account 5862, nearly 103 million home and over 6 million commercial links from malicious complaints caused by the seller, the loss amounted to 107 million yuan. Including the NIKE brand right malicious cybersquatting, even the "WeChat" trademark certificate and Ma Huateng signature was forged, in order to achieve the Li Gui Li type harassment blackmail complaints.

Internet era protection fee

this behavior can be seen as the Internet era, the protection fee". Ali will be called its "intellectual rogue", their tactic is the intellectual property infringement extortion fee ", some people choose the two eleven, Christmas and other holidays send malicious infringement notice.

knowledge of the rogue and the right of intellectual property rights are different. The intellectual property rights legal, is a legitimate owner of intellectual property rights, are legitimate complaints of illegal individuals or companies to use their own brand, trademark design, intellectual property rights, to protect their legitimate interests.

and some occupation "intellectual rogue" no entity or business enterprise, only a shell company. Through the registered trademark, forged documents, intentional false statements and other means, the first "occupation" of a brand, design, trademark and other intellectual property rights, and complaints about Taobao brand sellers, to achieve its purpose "hold up". In order not to off the shelf products, not shut shop, many businesses will only reluctantly pay up.

buyers may feel is not deep, but Taobao has been miserable sellers. The so-called no profit can not afford to rise early, we look at a few cases:

October 2015, Wang merchant sells a popular "blade" shoes was forced off the shelf malicious complaints. At that time, the sales of shoes is very fire, can sell more than and 100 single day. Because the more the soles is hollowed out, so call him ‘blade’ shoes. At the time that the "blade" is a description, also have not heard of the word registered brand manufacturers. But then suddenly suffered a complaint because "blade"."

in the case of communication with Wang and the platform side of the complaint, the Fujian side of the brand through QQ suddenly contact him. In the communication, the brand claiming to Zhang claimed to give him 9000 yuan, to be authorized to use the word "blade". Because of the large promotion approaches, after several merchants bargain, Wang will be authorized.