A grassroots entrepreneur’s failure to reflect on why three years of operation of the site every day


| week star (happy daydream founder)


instinctive entrepreneurship

had a happy day, started out with a cavity of blood and instinct. Cooperative seemingly simple function, in fact, requirements for users extremely high-end, users can not only need to come out the framework of educational thinking, also need to learn more knowledge and ability, and only in this way, can we truly understand happy daydreaming use, only in this way will be willing to pay for the creation, creation is never an easy thing. Therefore, the dream of the dream of the user, the basic requirements of the talent is not only a good student to study (but unrealistic), and not just to do things realists (lack of dreams). And our mainstream user base is 90 and 00, such young people are even more scarce.


core users are happy daydreaming but never abandon, traffic has not greatly increased, for a web site, every day only 500IP traffic can only be considered a failure, as in "I belong to you" on the Zhang Shaogang teacher evaluation, 200IP is only 2.

The beginning of the

has never seriously thought about positioning, think I have this demand most probably it did not actually happen, I will participate in the creation, will, others will not, from the human, product, market objectively analyzed.

three year itch

has been operating for three years on the line, the first two years of work every day to do content, do promotion, through a lot of detours, but also harvest a lot of joy. However, people are always living in the real world, immediately to buy a house, I married, money is the biggest problem. So began to face reality, responsible for girlfriend and parents, and began to work life. Every day after work, only an hour less than the time to complete all the care of the site, which can only show that the situation is not optimistic about the happy daydream.


reason why the site is not so successful, the reason is that the threshold is too high, did not seize the universal human nature of things, so traffic can not get up. I think Tumblr’s founder David Karp is not a person to do all things and succeed? Why can’t I do, I think the reason lies in the beginning, Tumblr has better technology, very good user experience, most of the content is now popular dynamic map, page is also more tidy and beautiful.

and I ignored the threshold of the importance of Tumblr as a light blog, it is easy in operation, reduces the threshold, which is consistent with the "lazy to promote progress in the world" the first human needs. Secondly, there are almost no restrictions on the content, which is in line with the needs of people’s pursuit of freedom.

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