The small website long mourning compatriots, the creation of relief song together


      at 14:28 on May 12, 2008, Sichuan Wenchuan 8 earthquake, China immediately into the Wenchuan time. Up to now, there have been more than 20 thousand lives in the passing of time, hundreds of thousands of people are unknown, millions of people have difficulty home……

        disaster, the prime minister is gone, the army went up. The people in the disaster area need both hands to pull them out of the ruins. They need a bag of blood to save the dying life. At this moment, when people make universal force, people in the disaster area overhang.

      for the expression of the people of all ethnic groups in Sichuan, Wenchuan earthquake victims of deep condolences, the State Council announced 18, decided to May 19, 2008 to 21 for the national day of mourning. In such a special day we had a heavy heart sincerely hope the dead rest in peace, living strong. Dalian District website long Kung Fu exactly (QQ:635286083) launched by the webmaster Kung Fu exactly during the mourning period (QQ:635286083), and the producer of the personal lyrics cover the work of Jay Chou, "" song "version of numerous hills and streams of relief with you", especially for earthquake victims in Sichuan compatriots: Although we in the distance, but our hearts are already flying into the earthquake zone, fly to you, encourage you, inspire you! The child cry, wipe your tears; sobbing wife, set up your body! Stand up strong, we are on your side; brave to live, we will always be with you, life and death!


      disaster, the world is love; a difficult help comes from all quarters. In addition to relief and reconstruction funds, blood, emergency equipment, tents, clothes, quilts, food, mineral water, medical supplies, environment and drinking water disinfectants and other materials, it can help the people tide over the crisis. Hope that more enterprises can lend a helping hand, we hope to have more caring people can contribute together, we hope that the media and websites can peer more gongxiangshengju. Any one of the names of the dead, will be remembered; for any disaster relief efforts, it should also be borne in mind. All the blood donors to donate money and materials, for the individual, we will name will be engraved on the stone tablet, let more people be moved together……

      let countless feelings, to save the suffering of the people, let countless love, the light of the country to continue to move forward hope. China’s brothers and sisters, let us act together!