Research on the way of alternative promotion website

to do a website many years ago is a very time-consuming and laborious money thing, from the program, if you will not be a little ASP, HTML language, such as technology, this site is no way to do it. But with the development of the times, the progress of the society, and now do a website or forum, it is no longer easy thing. From the Internet to download an open source web site program, spent two small money to help the online master to help you change, enrich the content, even if the site is successful. I will not technology, so I also belong to this kind of small adsense. Of course I’m amateur.

well, the content is also very good to add some friends in order to save, open collector, three days two days up to a large number of content. But the promotion is not so easy. A friend will send the advertisement in the forum moderator unceremoniously deleted, it is not, open blog. Opened for a long time, but also reproduced the contents of others. For a long time, no stamina to adhere to the. This will settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. Is there a good publicity promotion? I have to ring my Wenwan walnut forum for example to simply talk about my promotion way. Of course, the webmaster are well known to write the soft. I would like to topic imaginatively4 Wenwan walnut writing.

first I will go with my friends to exchange this content, because they are more or less because of growing Wenwan walnut and a pen. These people have a lot of experience, and the story in the Wenwan walnut cultivation and management. Outside of the office, sitting together to talk about the market and they play walnut, tells the story of a play because what happened walnut. These data are readily available.

then I put to communicate the experience with the friend, little story, written in small articles published in other forums Wenwan walnut. It’s not that hard, but it’s up to us to think about the plot. Make people look real. As I write the "small" of the human Wenwan walnut index tells a true electronic machine to protect a rabbit in a walnut tree from being stolen and the thief right over the story of electricity. Another example "Wenwan walnut, cure my hands." many people think the story is true, of course, is the imaginary things. But because the write is true, a lot of friends asked me to send the Wenwan walnut, to witness the friendship.

the last way is to write comments, write prediction. A lot of things we can express their views on their own point of view. If the lion head sold ten thousand pieces of written comments, such as the true man playing walnut hot collection from a different perspective of the real reason behind the heat. In order to let more friends know about Wenwan walnut price or understand the market trend this year Wenwan walnut, I conducted a market price trend of Wenwan walnut. A man playing walnut growers make a lot of hope. Of course, this can’t be made up. Must be based on facts.

through such a small writing, I found that my level of writing some upgrade, the forum will also come to