Analysis of American space business website of domestic marketing killer

virtual host of the domestic market is a large cake, makes web space won to snatch China market, which in the United States site space business performance is outstanding, in addition to its host and gradually improve the quality, they are the best killer, is the use of promotional means to capture China virtual host market, which are here we have to comment on the American website space business used the killer, the modus operandi, hope for the overseas market of domestic websites can also help business space.

with a variety of means of promotion of the domestic market


HostEase in particular with its use of various means to open up the market, such as the launch of the HostEase 777 and HostEase and July and other characteristics of the host to buy discount code, HostEase code for preferential Linux host can get 20% discount, 777 discount code for this blog type host will receive a 30% discount code optimization, July only in July the purchase of the host 20% optimization, the timeliness of concessions, these various optimization methods are useful means of marketing, allowing HostEase to occupy the domestic market in addition to its constant a space for one person, low price, high access speed and highly recognized Chinese Chinese website is important.

with awesome discount containment domestic host


domain name host Godaddy the world’s largest strength is abundant, the usual marketing is awesome discount, the official launch of the 50% discount rate, again based on the addition push the coupon code cjcIDC20h to buy the host, and then enjoy a 20% discount, the host economy is playing a monthly $1 discount, this is not the optimization a host can give, if not strong, want to do such a big discount is not very easy, it can be said that every time half of the activities will be a lot of users sought this absolute advantage as a tool for Godaddy main machine market competition, so in many American host, with a drop in the end of the discount rate to win Godaddy is tested.

to capture details soon means domestic users

Lunarpages host on the domestic market with keen sense in the China market launched a special ASP space, PHP space and other diverse virtual host, meet the customer ‘s needs, the host function, they provide Plesk and cPanel two host management panel for Chinese users, convenient use, but also in the concessions give people more surprises, use the coupon code China30 to buy Lunarpages host can enjoy 30% permanent concessions, and to obtain an independent IP free, let a person feel the main business promotion in terms of concessions, to grasp the details.

There are different ways for

hosts to participate in market competition, and the discount is one of the most interesting for consumers