The communications industry proven marketing tool

Whether it is

or mobile Unicom, Telecom (did not even had not used to know!), the communications industry has been pornographic and violent! Use the means of communication industry is still not out of date, technique is very simple, but you won’t want to go, meditation may also want to go around, and sales staff are you sure touted halo.

well, today my mother told me to get to know the car battery to send mobile recharge activities, not to know, here take a value (probably learned to participate in activities and Internet users to share, 10086 telephone consultation, not headquarters activities, business and individual dealer cooperation).

mobile charge calls activity content:

recharge 1900 yuan, send the battery car (probably worth $1600), to send calls 960 yuan, the end of the year to send a monthly 40 (reference to the year of 2, a year of $80 per month, most people spend most of the lowest consumption), the monthly minimum consumption of 80.

see is not very heart? It is very cold chicken, but looked very attractive, I have done, and experience sharing. In fact, it is not carefully calculate such a thing, as you imagine a big gap.

let’s calculate, recharge 1900, send the bill 960, car 1600 and 2 years monthly recharge 40 (960); the actual car value (recharge send calls) =660 yuan; the calculated value should be included in the delivery charges 960 yuan, the average monthly consumption of 27.5 (send calls you) it is equivalent to spend 1600 yuan to buy their own a car!!!!, plus a monthly minimum of 80, you have to complete the monthly cost 40, the monthly consumption of 67.5 calls to. There are more than 300 calls are free of charge, if the minimum consumption is less than or equal to your usual rates of consumption, you earned, not so much, if your monthly bill is less than 67.5, out the mobile equivalent to send, exchange views, car appreciation of ~~


now before I attend, almost did not put himself around the halo, buy a mobile phone (mobile phone into the car finally figured out!), college semester, Internet mobile phone lost, not out of pocket, then the whole chant, is similar, NOKIA 1500, send 960 a year. Finished, the minimum consumption of 120, or before that accounted for cheap, well you silly. Is not a loss, very close to each month, is to develop a habit, do not like to send text messages.


3699 iPhone 4S you take

In this

Unicom to do more sleep, and friends chatted, said China Unicom (I have not used, so you don’t understand!), the recent activities of recharge 3699 yuan, also looking for 2 years, 0 yuan purchase must be more than 226 yuan package. There are pictures and the truth………… 3699 all calls for you, much higher than the movement, is not a monthly return of 154, more than