The use of leveraging the extension of individual stationmaster can also promote success

in the current personal Adsense promotion process, many webmaster or blindly rely on the effect of low and low BBS, blog promotion. Although these two methods for free, but in general, if there is no long-term accumulation will not have much effect. With respect to another kind of effect is better, the promotion method that gets effect faster, but let stationmaster often be ignored. This is leveraging the power law. I believe that many webmaster all know real hot events using the Baidu billboard to promote can get traffic, but how many really put it as a useful method to promote the webmaster? Some webmasters may occasionally use a whim, most of the forum, or trust every day increase the chain extension. In fact, I think, leveraging the power of limited resources for individual owners, it is a good way to promote. Here I share how to leveraging the promotion, let you can become the master promotion, let the promotion effect is more obvious.

first clear their own user groups. If the promotion of users even their own do not know where the distribution, how can maximize the promotion effect? How can you know your promotion is useful? In leveraging the promotion, clear their promotion of user group is the most basic step. For example, if you want to promote women’s cosmetics, then you need to understand the needs of the user base where you buy your own cosmetics is for high-end or low-end or low-end consumers. Which user groups are their own real promotion goals, it is critical to understand this. When you know what your user base is, the following is the beginning of the implementation of the steps. For leveraging the extension has several advantages, one can let users believe their products. Two can be extended to a larger extent. Three targeted sales force. Then we should be how to leveraging the power of promotion. What are the forces that can be borrowed?.

followed by the celebrity effect to promote. What is a celebrity? A simple explanation is to find some movie stars or public figures to speak, such characters are generally tens of thousands of fans, and the fans in order to satisfy their vanity often buy their love idol endorsement of the product. When we watch TV, we can often see some of the products are equipped with a star in the interpretation of advertising, in fact, this is the enterprise through the star effect to enhance their product exposure to improve the conversion rate. So we in the promotion of their own site, also can find some celebrity endorsements, such as 58, go to the market, such as people, we often see the advertisements on TV, the bus station on the roadside, the poster, but also with a star on the side, let the promotion poster more conspicuous effect more. Of course, in terms of the promotion of personal sites, with the help of celebrity endorsements to promote a bit unrealistic, after all, so high endorsement fees. But for some of the larger site through the promotion of celebrities is indeed a very good choice. As long as you have enough money.