Thoughts on the network marketing people in Chengdu

with the development of the Internet, network marketing is bound to play an increasingly important role in the field of marketing. Especially in marketing communication, customer relationship marketing, database etc function. So, for those who want to enter the field of marketing, network marketing is a promising target branch.

moreover, although the traditional marketing and network marketing are based on the same marketing theory as the foundation, but in addition to network marketing practitioners also have a certain degree of network technology foundation. Relatively speaking, the marketing industry is more biased technology of a class of people, there are certain barriers to entry into the technology. More suitable for people who prefer to weaken the interpersonal factors and focus on technical factors. This is also one of the reasons for their personal favor.

but no matter how the prospect of network marketing, whether it has a relatively weak dependence on interpersonal characteristics, and the industry are the necessary conditions for the rapid growth of practitioners. This is also the reason why individuals focus on IT teahouse: want to look for traditional business services in Chengdu network marketing. With the hope that Chengdu network marketing industry to explore new marketing, online advertising, permission email marketing, blog marketing, wireless marketing, viral marketing, network marketing search for use in traditional enterprises. This is also the launch of the network marketing Longmen array activities (long-term effective) reason. But it should be a handful, after all, the teahouse friend is the most pure network, instead of network marketing practitioners.

plus a variety of previous understanding of the network marketing in Chengdu some particularly clear feeling:

1, network marketing in Chengdu is still very enlightening stage (may not only in Chengdu), practitioners can scale or nonexistent what network marketing personnel, and there is only marketing network advertisement work.

of course, from another point of view, this is also an opportunity, if we have done well, the value of the entry is relatively small.

2, in addition to IT teahouse, but also need to broaden the scope of the industry to communicate, in particular, to strengthen and strengthen the traditional enterprise marketing staff exchanges (need a platform). Although they do not understand the network marketing, but must have a keen sense of network marketing. Communication is a process of mutual improvement.

is a long way to go, continue to up and down……