Knowing that, you’re selling more than 99%

  a seasoned sales staff, usually through the information collection and analysis, customer selection and customer visiting plan, to judge, to persuade, to clinch a deal, "and other steps to complete the sales. Not only to grasp customer psychological nuanced, also summed up a set of effective methods. But for many do not understand the marketing skills of the rookie, still immersed in a lot of videos in the so-called sales myth, sales guide inside, on their own sales performance does not help. How to identify and deal with the different stages of the customer, the customer to buy immediately or to complete the sale of the "goal"



close to customers to meet the needs of

sales is a response to the needs of the work, when there is a customer demand, we are likely to sell the product out. For example, for example, Zhang San, a salesman in the sale of a bottle of water, then he may have the following types of success, respectively, corresponding to different needs.

customer thirsty, Zhang three did not speak, sent the water in the past, the customer happy to give money. (thirsty demand)

customers are not thirsty, Zhang San said you go not to buy water, while the destination is still a long way, so the customer bought. (supply demand)

customers are not thirsty, Zhang San took a bottle of water I said this is hard, only a slight water, high-quality goods, people did not have to sell all customers to buy. (esteem needs)

customers are not thirsty, but his boss asked him to buy a bottle of water, was the first time Zhang San know, decisive turnover. (from external demand)

there are many similar cases, Zhang three are traded. But obviously the customer is not the same point of sale, selling points are not the same. But one thing is the same, Zhang San to understand the current situation of the customer is enough, the customer’s thirst, the customer’s destination, the customer’s psychological state, the customer’s leadership needs are Zhang three.

so, close to the customer’s meaning includes: understand the customer, understand the customer side of things, understand the customer’s scene, understand the customer’s decision-making system, understand the character of the customer, understand the customer. These things are easier said than done.

if it is to serve the sales of government customers, at least should understand the level of China’s officialdom, decision-making processes, service objects, officials, etc.. If it is to serve the industry’s sales, at least to understand the pattern of the industry, industrial distribution centers, service characteristics, technology trends, etc.. If there is no basis to close to the user, understand the needs. You can only be a young suit, others simply refused to be polite to send you away. Can’t make friends with customers, let alone understand his needs.

orderly interaction, reasonable contact

the development of interpersonal relationships in the interaction, if you have a customer base into the knowledge base, then you can consider how to