Through the network platform to expand your old customers


once considered, should take out this case, because the case is a long time ago, and now has been turned upside down, but after all marketing, or dealing with customers, then the following case despite the times and may touch, may also have certain reference significance. No matter so much, then took it out again, is good or bad, or for their own evaluation. ".

I had a shop owner, but is a long time ago, at that time, Taobao has not now what train like, when is the earliest open shop on eBay, but later because of the cost at the same time, Taobao has developed more quickly, Yu Shihua time to eBay data release Taobao to go above.

but when eBay though expensive, but the turnover rate is far higher than Taobao, remember the first day I publish products on eBay, second days have directly photographed products, and is a direct remittance, and from this day I became a shop owner. That’s a buyer in Yunnan. She is also a novice online shopping, no matter how to ask the product, because at that time the online payment of what is very troublesome, so she sent an e-mail to me to industrial and Commercial Bank account. Soon, the remittance to the account, what all don’t understand at that time, she chose to express, and I actually made the post office "express", if you have passed the post office transport channel friends should know that the so-called post office express is the express single yellow face, very fast, if Yunnan, at least a week, than the surface quickly, but also not necessarily package delivery (depending on the local postal transportation decision, at least in Guangzhou this "express" is brought trouble to the post office to collect a parcel).

in this way, the teacher waited a few days later, we found that the goods is still not to, she would call and contact the author, it was still a novice, what all don’t understand, listen to this she said, immediately ran to the post office to ask, the answer is how to get the goods so fast, and etc. a couple of days.

in order to allow the buyer to rest assured that the use of the scanner to express a single scan into the JPG file by e-mail sent to the buyer, at least let them rest assured, even so, still every day contact with messages and goods to the buyer, even without consulting, finally let buyers joked that I’m bored. Fortunately, about a week or so on arrival, the buyer also sent a message of thanks.

later I learned that the original is that buyers need to express courier services, courier, rather than the post office delivery, but buyers did not blame, and give the author first reviews praise, write a lot of content, real words, praise customer service service do well, in fact this sentence so I quite uncomfortable, because if not clear in any situation, goods should be originally a few days earlier to. So in order to practice or to apologize or express the author "