Jingdong and double freight price Yi ruo!

, according to friends recently broke the news, from zero on April 1, 2016, Jingdong’s non Diamond members to buy proprietary goods need to be full of 99 yuan to free shipping, compared with the current standard again raised $20.

last year, Liu Qiangdong accepted the "Wall Street journal" on the level of the Jingdong listing repeatedly freight price, also predicted that "next year (2016) up to 99 (free shipping threshold)". Liu Qiangdong will practice his price speech.

actually enumerate the past, Liu Qiangdong price, does not seem to how reliable.

, 12 years and 8.15 of the electricity price war, Liu Qiangdong claimed that all the power will maintain zero margin in the next three years, but the relevant departments and inspection for products found that all electric lowest gross profit margin of 4%, up to 22.43%.

, for example, 13 years, Liu Qiangdong said the price will always compete, there will be another price war over the next ten years. 15 years, Liu Qiangdong and two years ago turned himself, said the Jingdong has price dropped to third place, will no longer be a price war.

but this time the price of the speech is one count, but this is the price.

price is always the most sensitive consumer nerve in a Jingdong repeatedly upgrade free shipping threshold, is undoubtedly a consumer disguised price hikes, if we consider the Jingdong prior to the third party business behavior, and the recent series of comments for the traditional enterprise, you will find that the Jingdong of the main commercial chain. Words and deeds, is an expansion of the call "me first" business thinking.

Jingdong on the freight repeatedly to the user

before the Spring Festival, consumers have found that Jingdong owned based on 79 yuan shipping, add a "extra charge" column, the new regulations stated: "some of the goods by weight or volume, additional shipping charge 5 yuan / piece, specific to the product details page for information publicity".

there is no doubt that the additional charge of freight is the use of the Spring Festival logistics resources scarcity of the reality of the situation, the price of a courier for consumers.

and the new standards will be implemented in April 1, 2016, the price is greater. Under the new regulations, non Diamond members to buy goods to be full of 99 yuan free of charge, and did not reach the standard before the free shipping charges are charged $5, after April 1st, an increase of 1 yuan, is $6 freight. Since the mention of the cabinet since mentioning free, but after April 1st, if the purchase is less than 99 yuan, you need to bear the cost of $3.

actually freight, Jingdong has been in warm boiled frog, Liu Qiangdong at the end of last year had been interviewed Jingdong exposure even rose three years free shipping threshold". The earliest freight is 0 yuan, to buy things for $5, can be sent to the home free of charge; and then began to rise to 29 yuan package shipping, followed by $59; 2015 on April, will be $59 free shipping standards raised to $79.

and Liu Qiangdong has a speech