Tencent B2B to confront Ali suddenly on line

recently circulated in the industry news, Tencent invested heavily to acquire B2B platform Marco Polo network, the site is not known to the public, but in the field of purchasing more famous, as of last year, the site is the B2B second, after the Alibaba, is said to be the first of this year, if the acquisition of other news is released time. Without what good talk, but at this critical point (the Alibaba will be listed in September 19th), the acquisition of a Tencent after the website of Alibaba that is too strong a sniper.

also has a heavy news, said the Tencent will give Marco Polo a WeChat entrance.

Marco Polo is a what kind of company, Tencent has to be given such generous conditions? B2B for Tencent can have what value? To analyze the slightly molested business here.

who is Marco Polo?

the company relatively low-key, the trade rumors are not many, according to informed sources, founded in 2007, Marco Polo procurement network is a B2B search engine, the business model is very similar to the Alibaba, through orders and financial services are the main source of income, it will achieve profitability in 2009.

CEO Su Jiting in an interview with the end of 2013, referred to the current situation:

"now, Marco Polo network has built a huge database of SKU reached 4 many small and medium-sized enterprises, more than 10 million registered members, the flow is the industry’s top three, but in the past few months, our user experience, search experience, registered members are already beyond the Alibaba, HC competition the opponent, you can try to search the procurement of goods to Marco Polo, Alibaba, HC at random, we in the category of goods, quantity and quality beyond them." (source techweb)

Analysys International released last September, "2013 Chinese B2B e-commerce market comprehensive annual report" shows that China B2B e-commerce market SKU, Alibaba, Marco Polo, HC respectively 24%, 22% and 4.4% in the top three markets. Analysys International expects 2014 net Marco Polo may become the industry’s largest B2B database.

investment background, 2011, Intel and LG Electronics joint injection, which Intel is $ten million, but the total amount of investment is unknown, the Tencent did not disclose to the electricity supplier with deep throat. The site was intended to go public in 2014, but now it should be planned to change.

there is a gossip, its chairman Su Jiting and Alibaba CEO Lu Zhaoxi, chairman of Jingdong group, China and the United States is a classmate of the central bank in the United States and the United States and the United States and China.

B2B in the field of electricity providers is a long-term potential of the industry, not many well-known companies, but most of them are bored to get rich, the site is one of them, Tencent investment in this company, but also recognized its performance growth.