A housewife after 80 entrepreneurial dream healthy snacks

micro business in the past two years, can be said to be an outbreak of a period of prevalence and overgrown with weeds. Many people who have free time will be attracted by the so-called "explosive" information to join the ranks of micro business, but also soon because of the difficulties of entrepreneurship and give up. A popular product cries, often quietly "not sold". Or will soon forget to engage in micro business earn money, improve the life of the heart and based on customer demand for products, quality, service, the highest law. In any case, the failure of the quiet exit, but success is still in.

micro business main force star housewife

star housewife convener Jiangyu (a pseudonym), 2015 new electricity supplier, children three and a half weeks. The so-called star housewife, indisputable day with the sun, the moon and the stars do not shine with bright heat slightly.

choose to return to the family as a housewife, or there are thousands of reasons, but in the hearts of most housewives have their own or big or small career dreams, earn more pocket money, or reduce the pressure of her husband. As a housewife to take care of the family, especially children, to increase because of the low threshold, easier said than done? Derivative has also become the ideal outlet for housewives.

in the 2015 Mid Autumn Festival back home (pomelo village – Peace) to visit his parents, just plain and pomelo harvest season, but because home remote, several relatives of the pomelo but could not sell a good price, so the initiation of the creation of business platform (health camp), let the relatives of the pomelo can direct to consumer the hands on the sharing of pomelo in the circle of friends of health knowledge and pomelo orchard situation, with the friends business channel, a season had sold nearly 100 thousand pounds of "Qiu CuO Hongroumiyou" and "Guanximiyou pomelo white".

The successful operation of

and pomelo, Jiang to rain and together with her business partners to do micro distribution (housewives) joy. Pomelo but obvious seasonal, to choose a suitable product.

to provide good health products, the idea of the same, what things can be operational throughout the year after market research and analysis, Jiang Yu eyes locked in the "vacuum low-temperature dehydration of fruits and vegetables crisp" series of products. It can retain fruit and vegetable color, taste, nutrition, and crisp taste, the elderly, children, pregnant women, people are afraid of fat, healthy snacks for busy office workers and other people.

Many companies do not long to cause micro

is often excessive marketing: exaggerated propaganda, false trading and inferior product itself. The rain Jiang said successful pomelo operation, let her know a law: "the only good products, will let treasure the mother confident to do micro business, in order to form a good circulation in the circle of friends."

micro business is the need for friends to help get the love feeling

micro vendors to sell the product, but the channel and the service is often going to love, need to have the feeling of love. Jiang Yu said, "precious mothers use their free time, like our own family, to prepare healthy food for the family,"