Tmall double eleven after the high return rate of Oolong

in 2014 "double eleven" Tmall turnover exceeded 57 billion 100 million yuan in the fairy tale is not completely ended when a Tmall "double eleven" after the return rate as high as 64% of the news broke, so the story instantly reversed.

The message quoted

return data from Tmall’s flagship DSP score in a "last 30 days refund rate data, calculation method of the data is the number to a refund within 30 days by the number of sales results. A sales message before the statistics of ten nearly 30 days of return and complaint system can be described as "heavy", shows women’s brand starry return rate is 64.09%, the rate of return for the men’s clothing brand JACK&JONES 38.25%.

topped the starry moment was "false prosperity" rumours, before the date of the company’s CEO Zhao Yingguang in an interview also responded that this is because the return rate calculation method of error.

Zhao Yingguang said that this data is an index in the Tmall flagship store in DSR score, called "the last 30 days of the refund rate, assuming a Tmall shop," double 11 "sales of one hundred million yuan, the refund rate is 10%, that is 10 million yuan. The "double 11" period of logistics delivery is slow, after the buyer receiving refund if the goods back to express, to finish the refund process, so that a refund of 10 million yuan basic will be completed in December 11th, but since then sales cannot with "double 11" compared to "double 12" original sales is not high moreover, Taobao or Tmall "double 12", not "double 12", so that the refund rate is: the ratio of "double 11" refund with "double 11" sales in November 12th after sales.

he believes that in the double 11 after 30 days, that is, from December after the start of the "double" after the fall of the larger sales of the flagship store, the higher the rate of return of the display of the 11, the higher the rate of return, the higher the rate of return, the higher the rate of return, the higher the rate of return of the 11. So this is because of the abnormal data caused by the calculation, the actual refund rate is not so high.

it seems that the statistics on the list of businesses are derived from the same calculation method, there is a certain degree of error in the calculation. So, is there a mistake in the calculation of the high return rate is the only factor


reporter also noted that the news also pointed out that the Han clothing as an example, the last 30 days of the total refund items for 180681 times, including 2752 times for the quality of the refund, the refund does not receive the goods for 9982 times, the buyer has no reason to refund 114517 times, does not belong to the production of these 3 reasons a pen the number is 66164.

millet company, the last 30 days refund of 74991 times, belong to the above mentioned reasons only for the 22600 time, does not belong to these 3 reasons, the number of refunds for the 52391 time.

in this regard, insiders said that the annual double 11, a few hours before the transaction is the craziest time >