Dongguan daily hired a network of chambers of Commerce as a consultant to see the importance of gove

Dongguan is the greatest honor of the chamber of commerce network

, three senior Dongguan chamber of Commerce leadership is hired as the Dongguan Daily reported business consultant, martial arts minister in the symposium proposed Portland newspaper hope to increase the business aspects of the column, to do business in Dongguan network reported that the president of the chamber of Commerce of Dongguan Zhang Honghua e-commerce news to reported that can good for Dongguan to contribute to the promotion of electronic commerce.

May 13th pilot business manager to accept the Dongguan daily invited to participate in the fifth revision forum, and was hired business consultant.

forum, Dongguan pilot network business manager Lan Wulin put forward the "Dongguan daily" business edition is necessary to add a column to entrepreneurship reports and promote Dongguan the more successful local enterprises, the success of the promotion of these enterprises also can help enterprises to expand the visibility on the other hand can provide valuable experience for the company, should be a market.


below is the Dongguan Daily reported:

can participate in the discussion of the business elite have revised to start a new open layout and column discussion

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wide breadth, depth is deep, high is high, speed is speed.

newspaper news (reporter Xu Dezhao Intern Huang Hubo) "Dongguan daily" fifth revision soon, industry associations and enterprises business elite gathered in Dongguan yesterday, Press Plaza, brainstorming. Participants suggested that after the revision of the "Dongguan daily" reported on the increase in business, e-commerce, futures and economic focus attention, enhance the coverage of the rational and professional level, provide interactive platform for Industry and enterprise.

So Hiji, vice president of Dongguan daily, Dongguan daily deputy editor Lei Shipeng attended the forum, and issued a "letter of appointment to the advisory business report" of the business elite.


will forward

business layout

yesterday’s forum, vice president So Hiji first on behalf of the newspaper briefly introduced the newspaper revision.

Last March 12th

revision added business reporting marks the "Dongguan daily" to the political mainstream newspaper has taken a big step. After a year of practice accumulation, "Dongguan daily" business reports from scratch, has a prototype. But the business report version later, reports focus on political and economic characters, and more, the company is involved in management. To this end, the "Dongguan daily" at the end of this month will usher in the fifth revision, continue to strengthen the political and economic status and characteristics.

after the revision of the "Dongguan daily" to strengthen the political and economic characteristics and status? Was Mercedes Benz said, business reports will be based on the existing front, while the design of business financial weekly, to strengthen the company, characters and events of the contents of the report, to strengthen the product packaging and design.