Ningmei Guo King double eleven you are not too blunt point

we live in an age of easy access to information, but it is also an era of deception. The development of Internet information transmission speed beyond our imagination, in this context, we may need some more upright. Double eleven sales figures are gorgeous, but consumers really want only real benefits, so simple.

new play more "sexy"

for DIY game player, double eleven in addition to being a sales end cold outside competition, more hope it becomes a annual carnival day, even if it doesn’t happen to buy happiness within, so we need to play more flirtatious".


in the double eleven period, Ningmei Guo "science and technology Show Play upright" as the theme, to create the first Tmall Electric City Show field, the current popular what, how do we play. Joint panda TV multi platform, Show field to the line, online and offline together gathered, the double eleven never let fans alone. The all star game gaming friends of the water stars, and create competition for gaming enthusiasts, LOL women’s team to participate in the activities, who said the only guy love game; panda popular anchor team leader, on more interactive gaming platform will live together Hi, rendering the atmosphere to each game player side, dynamic Cosplay, exclusive new build. The line of High earthshaking, enough "sexy"



is up to some really Jinah "upright"

"sexy" play just as in the past the Carnival Overture, in eleven on the profits, Ning Mei country seriously really some upright. The price of upright, during the promotion industry comparison, know Ningmei Guo price still has the advantage, how can benefit consumers really do not love; the quality of integrity, long-term and hardware enterprises have established strong partnership, to provide high-quality products for the United States of Ning foundation, not only that, the product technology R & D investment in industry is also doing my part, low-cost high-quality service philosophy has never changed; upright, as the first country to provide warranty service standard electricity supplier integrated computer produced enterprises, service has been the focus of Ning pulled high, according to the business model short board improvement breakthrough, is a shortcut to accumulation of user reputation "".


entertainment and No No, upright and detached?. Since you want to create entertainment atmosphere, will be more focused, starting from the beginning of the development of e-sports, Ningmei Guo has been quietly to sponsor tournament, the formation of Gaming Club, fans, held training eSports gaming competition, serious attitude to promote the development of the gaming, it is also a kind of integrity. The double eleven promotion, Ning Mei country according to the need to launch a variety of gaming enthusiasts, >