Taobao brand’s choice and Rebirth acquisition, listing, entity


I world network operators in less than ten years, the Amoy brand camp has two changes, the first change is three years ago, wheat bags and a number of star brand Amoy Amoy and fading; second change is now beginning to Amoy brand acquired and acquiring the reshuffle and seek listed. Some Amoy brands do not have a strong supply chain system, lack of stamina; some companies have long been out of the Amoy brand label, positioning more tall on the Internet brand. With the Amoy brand have trial retail entity, how the layout of the line, how to achieve online and offline interaction, realize the true meaning of the pan channel operating point the day and await for it.

text / Shao Yang sun


in less than ten years, relying on the Taobao platform developed greatly small network brand (hereinafter referred to as the "Amoy brand") camp pattern has appeared two times change, the first change is three years ago, wheat bags, boxes, and other green grass set the first star of the Amoy brand Amoy and fading second; change is now, the Amoy brand began acquiring and acquired the reshuffle, and seek listing. In the industry view, Amoy brand has been a golden period of development, the living environment has changed. At this point in this environment, Amoy brand who can be acquired is also reflected in the brand value. And those who seek a smooth transition from online to offline entities Amoy brand, with the actual action of the channel is also an alternative to the pan channel.

choose one: the acquisition of thigh

La Natsu Bell recently announced that the company will work with the online clothing retailer, Hangzhou Agel Ecommerce Ltd of the involved (Amoy brand seven princess parent company) an equity transfer agreement and capital increase agreement, the total cost of 200 million yuan to buy seven princess registered capital of about 54.05% shares.

after the acquisition of seven space founder Cao Qing said on micro-blog, "the seven space from the beginning of 2009, I have a lot of energy on the supply chain, has been suffering from no experience…… Several categories of winter, I have neither a strong price, also do not have enough good quality to explain to you, so I chose La Natsu Bell, tell the truth, I really need them this". Cao Qing said for example, "the spring 80% styles to sale, but only a little number of factories." Careful observation, in fact, the demand for the factory Cao Qing has confided in micro-blog many times.


were set up in 2006, but in 2009 began to do its own brand, the year sales of 30 million yuan, in 2010 achieved sales of 150 million yuan, completed 500% of the growth, Taobao became the fastest growing online fashion brands. But it’s not going to last. From the figures have been released, in 2012, double 11, seven of the total sales of othermix’s flagship store and iaizo flagship store of nearly $40 million, ranking eighth in the women’s category. And in 2014, seven princess in the double before, said Tmall shop to impact 3500>