Where the customer in arrears door strategic swing into a mishap

daily economic news reporter Xie Xiaoping from Beijing

where the customer brand endorsement plan to restart this fall, trying to find the former brand marketing scenery, a "suppliers owed money" news that we suffered the biggest crisis since the start.

October 11th, Wang Zexu broke the news: electricity supplier manager at micro-blog has all the guest suppliers claim that if in 14 days before, we do not check, will appear excesses. In addition, there is news that Eric Lining owed tens of millions of money, but on its part of the shop payment even reached 5 million.

payment default supplier message to the outside world suspected in the capital chain problems, even the news, Lei Jun has gone to the guest aid their friends old, do not rule out the disk where the customer may.

according to the above problems, all passengers aged CEO responded that the company is running normal, just like a recent move a bit chaotic, together with the Department of internal integration, makes communication with the supplier problems.

said the reason for the recent vintage, where the Department is too much adjustment, some departments need to be optimized, has to communicate with the suppliers, why will appear in arrears, the problem will be resolved soon.


is connected to Lei Jun disk, yesterday, sources close to the guest to the "daily economic news" reporter said, Lei Jun will be involved in the operation, but it is not known as disk access, and more is in the form of consultants.

a crisis triggered by adjustment /

in fact, this year, where the emergency funding chain message is extremely concerned about the outside world.

early in August this year, there was news that we encountered a serious financial crisis, plans to cut more than 50%, the office also from Beijing guangqumenwai moved to Daxing, and most of the supplier has been more than 60 days without payment.

although at that time where the customer first time this message rumor, but to promote the platform strategy, from the guest this year to follow vip.com sale and then return to a high-profile claim to be "I am where" brand route, we give the impression that the outside world has been unclear, not firm, always swing.

is the swing adjustment brought a series of shocks to the customer.

Where the customer

insiders told the "daily economic news" reporter, the payment default supplier is mainly caused by interior modulation, where the interior is on V+, sale, joint venture 3 division adjustment.

"the three division is separate from the investment, there are a lot of duplication of resources in place, now where the customer will be three division merged into one division, so there will be changes in personnel, because of the above reasons, we lead to third party merchants payment delays in settlement."

previously, the media reported that in September this year, vice president of customer’s V+ >