Amoy network is difficult to overcome the 5 factors Baidu


line is close to Amoy half the time, now it is revealed the nature of the site, from the previous emphasis on parity class website officially transformed into a shopping search site, to Chinese largest shopping search to challenge the first domestic search engine Baidu.

Amoy network strategy is very obvious, the first is to seize the online shopping users love the parity of the heart, to attract the user’s attention and login, when the website user reaches a certain amount, the site has enough visibility and influence, began to shift to the shopping search, allowing users to use a more natural, more dependent Amoy as shopping search channels. A strategy is no problem, but I think a Amoy to form a very big threat or not realistic for Baidu, there are 5 factors that restrict it:

1, the number of commodity information is still limited, unable to meet the needs of all people shopping


is known as a collection of Amoy net 1 billion of the goods, but the number of goods in the presence of an unspeakable gap with Baidu. Amoy network is currently included in the commodity only settled in the mall and Tmall, it can be included in the product is fundamentally limited. The Baidu side, the use of powerful reptiles, constantly in the index of information, it can provide a lot of information than the amount of information to be too strong a amoy.

because the number of goods is limited, it can not meet the needs of all people shopping, it can not really take away Baidu’s shopping search users.

2, too much emphasis on product search, web search is very chicken ribs

Amoy network does not want to make a difference in the web search, on its website, we can see a web search module, and a scouring network also know that their web search mechanism is not perfect, so join Sogou Youdao and invitation. But even so, now a scouring web search is very chicken ribs. Because a Amoy network too much emphasis on product search. Users log in to a scouring network basically is to buy things, it will only use commodity search, web search is basically ignored.

and the fact that Baidu is the real core of the search page, so at this point, a Amoy can not be too much threat to Baidu.

3, the site needs to take responsibility for the risk of shopping, it is difficult to be fully trusted

Amoy and Baidu’s biggest difference is that Baidu is just a search engine, and a Amoy is a mosaic of shopping search site. There is a big difference between the two. For example: if I search for online shopping when you buy a fake through Baidu, I won’t take responsibility to blame on Baidu, I know that Baidu is a search engine, it should not assume risk responsibility for my shopping. And through a scouring network shopping is not the same, I will feel a Amoy network is recommended as a third party site, it gives me the recommendation is false, it should have a certain responsibility.