Gain and loss Luo Yonghao and Wang Ziru’s first internet

recently, Youku Luo Yonghao called third party evaluation agency head hammer technology Zealer Wang freely. When evaluating the professional website Zealer mobile phone marketing and experience feelings of love Sike Luo, the video frame is shocked the industry about. Wang Ziru is unconscionable black hammer, or Luo Yonghao with feelings of kidnapping


"the first Internet" by

according to the congregation to raise understanding, this year’s August 1st, Zealer released the Smartisan T1 video evaluation. In the video, Wang Ziru cited a hammer mobile phone "removable cover with screws bring many disadvantages." "not" the eastern hemisphere best with "mobile phone" and "cable is easy to electrostatic breakdown" and "sensor folding methods affect the reliability and other defects.

in late August 2nd 20, the 3971 consecutive zhycrackyou ID prefix account is registered, on the Zealer website, hammer T1 evaluation tools "appearance" in an "appearance score" is the 3926 consecutive evaluation for one star, resulting in T1 ranking drop.

August 12th, Luo Yonghao micro-blog "takes a little time to confirm some of the data, now almost, if you have a clear conscience, we have to do a live program Youku confront, hammer technology for reimbursement of your round-trip ticket and first-class cabin five star hotel."

15:30 on August 12th, Luo Yonghao micro Bo said "I have been with Youku on a good, you determine the exact date before the end of the month, they issued a notice. Live is a mirror like this video. In the end the version, will not do any editing or hands, make the general public and freely assured. If you change your mind or pretend to be a force majeure, I will be a person to live."

at 16:40 on August 12th, Wang responded freely on the 27 bar".

so far, Luo and Wang frame is about.

Wang Ziru: I’ve been restraining


knew from the beginning that the king freely PK will lose, but did not expect to be abused injured all over the body. To tell you the truth, Luo Yonghao this level is not a little pity to say crosstalk. Of course, these are the way.

is the "debate", from Luo Yonghao Zealer to product resistance test began to ask, then one by one the rebuttal to the Zealer video evaluation question, and according to whether the reviewers deliberately induced, standards are the basis for questioning.

Wang Ziru, Zealer evaluation is objective, fair, professional has become the focus of the controversy sparked controversy. Luo Yonghao believed that "the Wang Ziru team received millet, OPPO, Jin and other manufacturers of investment", "intentionally black hammer King freely evaluation is not objective, is full of interest to discredit behavior".

the "but" process, Wang Ziru repeatedly stressed.