Quietly deep secret for you to promote the drainage of red envelopes!

today, the time is more urgent, time to tell you about the promotion of false red drainage method. For this method, time only do secret. As to whether to use, it depends on your own choice!


, WeChat or QQ, or popular red envelopes, people point red point awfully.

did not appear before the network beggars it?

is specially designed for red.


red, QQ widely used red also makes some marketing Er saw an opportunity, so red promotion drainage has become fashionable for a time.

, however, today, time to reveal the false red envelopes to promote drainage.

that is to say, is not really a red bag, but with the help of people who like to take advantage of small red box to promote the drainage of small.

take QQ red envelopes, sometimes there will be such a sentence:

{QQ please use the mobile phone version of QQ red} find red".

if this sentence by sending QQ messages sent to the group or sent to a friend, then most people will click into it, because they think you can click on the red envelope. Click to go in after the discovery, the original text.

for example, this:


you click inside, thought it was a red envelope, but the text:


ha ha, for such things often happen between groups inside and friends but also on the tricky, curious.


of course, there are software can also achieve this feature for the promotion of display.

, for example, a few days ago, someone sent this to time:


click in, found that this is:


this is a small portfolio, above is a picture, where the arrow below is the text and anchor text.

Click to understand this is linked to the QQ space log,

"click this link" this is the link to add friends page.

and this is also a red envelope to promote drainage method, the easiest way is to buy the software to do.

first, time to reiterate here, time is not to let everyone go blindly buy software.

from the time log style can be seen, time write valuable log >