The viral marketing website free publicity

because of the help of friends website (Herbalife slimming network) yesterday for the first time the classic optimization Website Optimization optimization of combat weight station, it is approved, very excited, thank the editorial staff certainly. Continue to promote the topic today

website to promote the virus marketing, is not the manufacture of viruses, Trojans, but refers to the use of word of mouth effect, as the spread of the virus in the cell, as quickly as possible to achieve a 1 pass 2, 2 pass 4,…… 10 pass 1024 effect. Below I will give you a detailed description of the operation steps.

instant messaging tools are very popular now, in the case of QQ, there is a function of custom expression, every time I see very classic expression, I will keep it down, so in the course of contacts, there will be a lot of classical expressions, in fact many of the classic expression of forwarding times millions or even tens of millions (without authority statistics, I a rough estimate) that how to use these expressions to service for me? I think if each classic expression if with my website LOGO, that is not achieved a great effect, a conservative estimate, if the preservation rate was 20% (i.e., 10 people will have 2 people saved) if every expression reproduced in the 10 meter (that is, each save this expression would look forward 10 times), this calculation down, I sent 10 expressions, there will be 2 people save, everyone will be forwarded 10 times, that is The 20 forwarding, will produce 4 people save, continue to forward, will produce the preservation of the 8 people, so after the 10 cycle, there will be 1024 people save, the equivalent of the 1024 free show, is not very good!

said we should do, so I’ll find some of the classic QQ facial animation (recommended here with GIF animation, rather than a still picture, because the content will be more abundant), using fireworks to add URL, then save it, add to the instant communication tools in, and then select in some of the more active group to send the choice of online, the number of hair, ha, site traffic steady growth in the era of

effect: every day about 10% of the direct input site, is not very good?

below is a classic expression I produced, for your reference!


experience summary:

1, try to choose some of the more content of the picture, so that people on your site will also feel better (of course if just want to attract attention, the color map is also a good choice, regular stations do not play this edge ball)

2, try to choose some of the site and the content of the relevant pictures, which will attract people interested in entering the site

today to share the end of this, more exciting content will be shared later, please pay attention to