Small and medium-sized enterprises how to do network marketing system (three) – content

content refers to all the information published online, the content is for the user to see, to meet the needs of users. The content of network marketing refers to all the information that can help us achieve our marketing purpose. The content of the form of expression is varied. The most common ones are articles, videos, music, maps, games and so on. The article is divided into forum posts, Bowen, press releases, e-books, electronic magazines, greeting cards, etc..

good marketing content must meet two aspects:

first demand

Whether we are micro-blog

marketing, blog marketing, forum marketing or SNS, the most important thing is always the propaganda content we make, each type of site are the characteristics of their own, but have a common characteristic, that is the propaganda content we make must meet the requirements of users.

in writing propaganda, must see what I think of the user of this article has been, to meet their needs what kind of, have what kind of help to them, in short, we should always remember in the formulation of the content, can produce the actual value for the user.

needs a lot of users, divided into major needs, secondary needs, but also can be divided into representational needs and potential needs. Only the needs of our target user groups have a deep understanding of the ability to effectively distinguish between their different needs, and then according to their needs to find their own product selling point.

so how can we clearly know the needs of users?

get accurate user needs is a very difficult thing, whether large or small businesses are difficult to do, there are two common ways:

the first is the data analysis, which is the focus of all large companies are on the one hand, through statistical data to analyze the user’s purchase behavior, which is the most rational analysis. But there are two shortcomings, one is the response of the data is the overall purchase behavior of the user, the personality analysis is not in place. The second is to get a lot of data, you need to rely on powerful tools and huge statistics, so the cost is very large. There are very few companies that hire professional statistics companies and data mining companies. We do not have so many small and medium enterprises cost, so only on the basis of simple tools, specific analysis methods will be detailed in the user analysis.

second method is to own and friends as a reference, to guess the real needs of the users, ask yourself what you really need, other consumer demand with our own demand difference is not too big. The most successful example is Jobs, not to do the user survey, just ask. Of course, such a few examples of success, we can find some ginseng, the fact that this method is very useful, most people daily decisions are this way, after all, all the research data is a very boring thing.

second spread