Detailed planning theory and practice of website owners

what is website planning:

site planning is based on the initiative and customer needs, based on the value of the model and its implementation, professional logic, language and processes to effectively solve the problem of the direction of Web site construction. Site planning scheme is to let customers know about their Internet application deeply value (Value), we know in what solutions to express the value; in addition, customers can clearly understand the cost of inputs (Investment & Cost) and the rate of return on investment (ROI) problem. So value analysis is the core of the site planning, including A, the value created for customers and B, the value of customers (customers) to create.

webmaster friends why study plan:

a lot of webmaster friends started to start is to do a small site. Because these small content of a single, simple structure, so basically do not have what planning theory. I like the first to do the station is about CS that is a fun, downloaded a template, and then imitate other stations began production, not what the so-called planning! However, with the accumulation of experience and levels increased. We often start to build a number of large sites, and this time, the system’s Web site planning is particularly important!

What is the best way to learn


, of course, is the actual operation, whether you do the site is large or small, it is recommended that you strictly abide by the site planning process to operate. I believe that adhere to six months, you will have a greater ability to plan.

website planning what information needs:

first, the planning of the object you want to have a detailed understanding, if the company is standing, need each other to provide all information about the company; if the industry is standing, you need to sort out the details of the industry. And then there is one of the best web site planning cabinet type document, to facilitate you to write a draft plan. No friends can download the following planning word document as a reference:

what is the most ability to learn planning


, of course, is a strong writing ability. To the purpose of the plan is to get you to do a unified planning, and then put into words. This is the most important thing is how you write to let others see it! So, hurry up your writing ability, it is essential!