Governance illegal websites can not rely on interviews to offering legal banner

CCTV reported, the State Food and Drug Administration recently interviewed Baidu, Sina, YAHOO and other domestic websites, they may not provide links and search links for fake website.

regulatory authorities to extend the tentacles of the regulatory network to the non-traditional channels, which is a major regulatory progress. But the sale of counterfeit drugs either online or in the net are illegal, should be punished according to law, it is far from enough type admonishing interviews.

network selling counterfeit drugs is a problem in the field of Internet prominent. As one of the main channels of online shopping has gradually become the people shopping, unscrupulous traders began on the Internet wantonly selling counterfeit drugs. At the beginning of the year, 13 ministries have jointly issued a document to carry out combat network selling counterfeit behavior, but this effect is just passable great in strength and impetus of rectification action. This year, the State Food and Drug Administration issued three public consumer warning, continuous exposure of dozens of fake websites, but these "stern measures" has not played a big role, now the agency should interview the major domestic websites responsible person, hoping to curb counterfeit web site from the network entrance. The idea seems good, also seems to hit the fake website weakness, this approach can be effective really? Really can cure fake


as long as the analysis fake website "profit roadmap", we can find the law enforcement regulators interviewed just wishful thinking. In early 2008, CCTV exposure of a large number of selling counterfeit Baidu link on the website link, which makes Baidu have convergence, but the wind is over, and the emergence of a large number of such links. Last year, due to repeated exposure of CCTV, forcing Baidu to "evil bidding" to "phoenix nest system" is more scientific, but it is a superficial reform, in the new coat, fake website or use the search engine to vigorously promote. Of course, no not early, according to CCTV reported, selling each earn a yuan of money, you’ll have to pay 0.75 yuan advertising costs to Baidu and other search engines.

is because of huge profits, Baidu and other domestic mainstream sites CCTV repeatedly exposed to disregard the "firm" for selling links. CCTV exposure are not afraid, they will be afraid of the food and Drug Administration interviewed? Obviously, we do not have any confidence, there are two reasons: one is just a means of law enforcement interviews admonishing type, do not have a substantial impact on the website. Two is a number of exposure, search engine illegal things clear, but has not been punished, not to mention the legal responsibility.


of Internet supervision, the relevant departments have two errors: one is to protect the large enterprises, but the fact that large enterprises should be more to abide by the law, otherwise companies would do more damage, because many people believe that Baidu eventually bought fake medicine is a living example. Another misconception is that regulators always assume that the network is a virtual world, not for the people affected, as long as the little things will not be held, but the influence of the network has already gone beyond the traditional media, a small stone, will cause in the network.