Win focus on the details of the Forum do not concentrate on doing a lot of things


win in the focus and breakdown of the roundtable site (Tencent technology photo)

Tencent science and technology news April 7th news, today, in 2012 the seventh annual meeting of the Chinese Internet will be held at the Beijing International Conference center. Afternoon, the laggards community founder Dong Qinfeng (micro-blog), little network co-founder Zhang Rui CEO, Hefei forum, Wang Hai, founder of the city of Jiyang blue ideal community, CEO Xu Zheng, Donglin Academy Director Lin Gang, Ningzhe network founder Zhou Ning participated in "win in the attention and subdivision of local website / vertical website operation and practice to explore the theme of the roundtable.


dot network co-founder Zhang Rui (Tencent technology photo)

Zhang Rui said that when the product is complicated, the change is not very direct, this time is very simple to meet the needs of users, and will find that growth is weak, the user feedback reputation, began to have a lot of negative numbers. Therefore, we have to focus on a market.


founder of the founder of the community Dong Qinfeng (Tencent technology photo)

Dong Qinfeng said, sometimes, we have to change their own ideas, to take into account that we do not want the user. Therefore, we do not have to make a big plate, but we can really provide services. Users need a service, we provide, this will certainly be rewarded. So, don’t be distracted.


Jiyang community CEO Xu Zheng (Tencent science and technology photo)

Xu Zheng said that when the new time to enter a field, it is taboo to go blindly Street Sales routes, for each industry, there are plans to be equipped with editing and marketing staff. Many customers may not have the intention to cooperate in the short term, but as long as they keep in touch with each other, in some of their activities, or the need to support, appeared on the scene. Since then, there is a sense of presence in this industry.


blue ideal founder Ceng Muyang (Tencent technology photo)

Ceng Muyang said that from a vertical point of view, for the start of the enterprise must be integrated to do a variety of resources. First of all, there is a need for the direction of entrepreneurship are interested in, like it, to love it. As long as in the heart of the identity of such a concept, no matter how hard you stand in the process of how hard, you will be firm, passionate to do. Secondly, it is necessary to grasp their ability to grasp the resources, has been done on the site, and then do it may face some big competition, and