The change of network literature caused by the public number WeChat Nanpai Sanshu monthly sales brea

Author: Wang Congji

file write "Tomb notes" the Nanpai Sanshu, you must have heard, he opened a public account of their WeChat in May of this year (micro signal: paibook), August formally launched a membership program began commercial operation. The current operating status of the public account:


1 public number has 400 thousand concerns, at the time of the 50 thousand users, it has created a record of a single day of 320 thousand interactive.

2 WeChat Nanpai Sanshu public membership card sales in two ways: Taobao and WeChat to pay, according to the Taobao open in August 18th, 6 yuan membership card total sales 329, 15 yuan, 55 yuan annual sales 170 RMB card sales 148, 30 yuan in the first half of 39 card sales.

WeChat paid although not publicly documented, but said "the number of Nanpai Sanshu through WeChat bought directly through Taobao than an order of magnitude higher."


currently consists of 3 public account Nanpai Sanshu himself and team operation, development work for the third party company bit sea, there are technical personnel within the team.

4 WeChat official attitude to Nanpai Sanshu public account is very encouraging. Nanpai Sanshu I have met with Zhang Xiaolong, South Pine uncle said: "Zhang Xiaolong holds a very open mind, to encourage this project".

in addition, Nanpai Sanshu account itself as a service number rather than subscription number, with a custom menu interface and access to the WeChat payment in other WeChat interface was also a lot of privilege.


5 is part of WeChat Nanpai Sanshu public number:

(1) Nanpai Sanshu novels. Nanpai Sanshu personal previous works, including "Tomb notes", "world" and "the hidden sea of flowers", the previous chapters can be read free of charge, the following chapters need to pay to read.

(2) comics and works. Non Nanpai Sanshu my work, including comics, fan works, some works need to become a member of reading. According to Nanpai Sanshu I revealed that his team has signed an agreement with the comic, the author of the article, the author will participate in revenue sharing.

(3) member forum, blog, news release area. The main purpose is to provide a forum for discussion, the forum is based entirely on the establishment of WeChat, and non members can not post. According to the author’s personal observation, the forum activity is quite high, a female reader exposure photos get 2000 reply.

in my opinion, Nanpai Sanshu WeChat account is another interesting case > Luo Zhenyu personal account after