Ali cloud to reduce the threshold free storage space upgrade from 5G to 50G

news March 21st Ali cloud 21 announced its open storage service (OSS) will begin to implement the new pricing strategy, compared with the old price system, the service rates have come down, the free storage space is upgraded from 5G to 50G. In this regard, Ali cloud side said that cloud computing is the basis of the service platform to further reduce investment in the construction of small and medium sites, to support their development, in order to help the industry to solve the development dilemma.

it is understood that the launch of the new aliyun price strategy includes down three new packages and all kinds of service fees, which is registered as Ali Cloud members can enjoy free storage space up to 50G, and unlimited free upload (inflow), in addition to 10G within the free flow, the to a large extent directly reduces the cost of small and medium-sized website. Free storage space increased from 5G to 50G. Only this one, it will reduce the operating costs of small and medium sites more than 30%.

Ali cloud side said, according to the current status of the development of small and medium sites, reduce cloud computing access threshold, expanding the real estate industry is truly responsible attitude. Ali cloud long-term investment to do is cloud computing based service platform, is to help the industry to solve the problem. So do not consider the cost of the problem, just want to further reduce barriers to entry, to provide better service.

market analysts believe that further reduce the cost of the establishment of small and medium sites is the trend. Only this group has a benign development and growth, the relevant market size can be expanded to form a complete industrial chain. (end)