Group purchase website to accelerate the integration of transmission network gathered capital chain

speed transit network on July 17th afternoon news, the U.S. mission network Chongqing branch business manager Wu Bo said on its micro-blog, Poly Group has announced the closure. At present, the Chongqing Railway Station has been sent to the group of employees have been dismissed and told not to report to the company in the near future, so as not to cause life safety. A part of the business consulting solution to the phone, has many businesses to gather the regiment located in Chongqing Wanda Plaza office Crusade, gathered group closed the door, has no staff.

speed transit network repeatedly ITU gathered the customer service network, has been in a state of no answer. After that, the speed transit network telephone interview gathered Chongqing Railway Station manufacturers, Xiajiang family restaurant official said, according to the news yesterday afternoon was known until they gathered network failures of Chongqing Railway Station. But they gathered net still owes its tail funds of nearly 6 thousand yuan has not yet, at present the call is not answered, Xiajiang people responsible person said the next will use legal means to recover their losses.

speed transit network has interviewed several gathered nets of Chongqing Railway Station manufacturers, most manufacturers for the network is still not close together. Xiao Yu · rabbit king’s person in charge to reflect with the speed transit network, collecting network default has become a habit, had repeated reminders, but has been working better no additional urgent, not once thought now actually closed, currently gathered nets still owe more than 7 thousand Royal rabbit king the balance. And some manufacturers have been aware of, and to go to their company gathered Chongqing Railway Station responsible person to find a statement, but after the place has been found the door closed, people can not find.

earlier, at the end of May 2013 there are media reports, gathered 2 months by dragging the net account "capital chain businesses questioned". News: Wuhan hotels and numerous group purchase website "gathered net" relationships, however, part of the hotel has not received 1629, many consultations are still difficult to solve. Before, some hotel owners rushed to Hankou Jianghan Road Wuhan gathered network company is located, for they gathered net pay, and doubt the "capital chain network together". They gathered net paid part of the arrears, responded that there is no "capital chain", but acknowledged that money really has a problem.

, senior Internet observers, speed transit network speed transit Institute deputy editor and chief executive dean Ding Daoshi said, in 2010 and 2011 after the wild expansion began, group purchase industry competition gradually return to rational from 2012, the industry gradually to the oligopoly hegemony era, who left after the chance of getting smaller and smaller. 2013 buy site continues to integrate, a large number of sites do not adapt to the development of the industry will be sold or closed down.

as of press time ago, they gathered network customer service phone still no answer.

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