P2P net loan platform and loan suspected of illegal self financing breach nearly 1 billion yuan

[Abstract] a significantly higher than the cost of social financing of the platform, the general is either self financing, or otherwise he figure.


P2P recently, the history of "atomic bomb" said shaking big thunder broke out, inside and outside the P2P platform to collect up to 934 million loan interest, appear payment crisis. The concern is that another company on the salty bank suspicion of illegal deposits from the public 156 million by the police investigation, and most of the money to finance the two platforms were thrown into a clear CRE Investment Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Qing China") of the real estate enterprises, but the legal person the company’s chairman Gao Qin has been controlled by the police. Investors broke the news, the actual control of the loan with the salty bank miles per capita for Gao Qin, two as the associated platform for alleged illegal self financing over 1 billion. The reporter contacted the two platforms, but have been deserted.

borrower Gao Qin selling honeysuckle started

reporter query the trade and Industry Bureau website, found as early as October 2003, Gao Qin set up the Shandong Ding Sheng agricultural science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., and served as a legal person, the company mainly engaged in agricultural technology and product development. According to informed sources claimed that Gao Qin and her husband Zhang Jie first occupation for growing and selling gold and silver tea, and by this achieved good results, to earn life pot of gold.

second years, in August 17, 2004, Gao Qin Zhang Jie couple into the real estate and the like a raging fire, the establishment of the Shandong fortune real estate development company limited, Gao Qin as the legal representative. The company’s official website: Shandong fortune real estate development Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, shareholders of joint venture, the main investors in Shandong dingda Decoration Engineering Co. ltd..

By querying the

reporter Industrial and Commercial Bureau website, found that the main staff of Shandong dingda Decoration Engineering Co. Ltd. column is the name of Sun Youwei, the people on the inside and outside of corporate loans become.

June 8, 2011, Gao Qin couple founded Ji’nan TsingDa CRE Properties Limited, the legal representative of Gao Qin, the main real estate development project. The main event called Changling Dahua Qing Shan garden project. Inside and outside the loan after the publicity of the investment subject is this project. This also shows that the loan has hit P2P not outside the spontaneous financial regulatory red line.

it is worth noting that the project also involves a number of institutions, many enterprises provide funds, including Changan trust, Xinhua trust, private equity fund companies in the group is also involved, but relates to how much money is still can make nothing of it.

2012, Gao Qin by a subordinate real estate projects clearly the Chinese income rights as collateral, Fortune company and Gao Qin himself as the joint guarantee direction of Changan trust financing 150 million yuan for the development of real estate projects, an interest rate of 10%, for 1 years. To December 2013, due to a clear Dahua fails to fulfill contractual obligations.