Vertical electricity supplier hopes O2O non-standard product profit model tends to diversify

with the official online mall, red star Macalline, Qijia mall, non-standard products (to meet different customer demand for personalized products) is expected to become another piece of blue ocean business competition.

in August this year, the newly settled Tmall more than 100 businesses, household class accounted for nearly 1/5. As of August, the old building materials Home Furnishing website Qijia network announced this year’s sales reached 12 billion yuan, 11 billion yuan more than last year.

industry is expected, with the O2O (the ability to connect online and offline user life associated with a service) continues to heat up, the sale of non-standard vertical electricity supplier will usher in blowout.

online to offline diversion

O2O is not a new concept, but by the mobile Internet Dongfeng, this area is increasingly concerned.

public data show that from early 2010 to November 2011, a total of 64 O2O companies to get the favor of venture capital. In the first 11 months of 2011, the amount of investment in the O2O market was nearly $7 billion. 2011 full year, China’s O2O market size of 56 billion 230 million yuan, is expected in 2012 will reach $98 billion 680 million, an increase of 75.5%.

huge market potential, to lure Internet companies will reach a number of mature O2O mode website.

last week, life service website Tintin Network announced that the Alibaba and Citibank investment. Ding Ding CEO Xu Longjiang said, with ALI and Citi’s capital cooperation, mainly in order to speed up the Ding Ding mobile O2O platform of e-commerce, the Alibaba has good resources and credit card payment channels, Citigroup and Ding Ding APP users can be added to enhance the user viscosity.

for the investment, Ali capital managing director Zhang Hongping said, "in cooperation with the Tintin Network, in addition to the development prospects of O2O business in the Chinese, one of the APP channels of Tintin is the local areas of life to the O2O e-commerce platform, and Alibaba can be more business synergies."

this is Ali group in the field of O2O layout again. Previously, Alibaba Group has been in the fields of layout of O2O, including Alipay, Juhuasuan, two-dimensional code parity and other projects.

in addition to Alibaba, Baidu also announced the spin off Baidu map in the last month, the establishment of LBS (location-based services) division, and Baidu mobile cloud division, forming the strategic layout of the mobile cloud + end. Prior to this, Baidu will also be "yes" from the Baidu spin off, renamed "Philharmonic live" focus on local life service.


strategic investment regulating the family network also uphold this concept, trying to break out from the line, according to the B2C model, to find a new breakthrough in the vertical electric field.

the company that has gone through 4 rounds of financing