The hotel service entity involved in the online meal ordering ordering website and lower profits



in 1 billion 300 million of China’s population, as long as everyone is able to spend $1 career is a big business, not to mention the meal this daily required courses. While the financial crisis raging e-commerce boom, one-stop shopping more and more consumer habits from the Internet to complete the basic necessities of life. This cake is so fast the network looks very beautiful is very attractive, but from the 2003 year unification turned out so far, the network fast food website survival rate is not high.

Although the search "

network ordering" four words with Baidu, there are still tens of thousands of information, but in fact most of the websites only domain name registration system is blank. But at the same time, many fast food giants such as Yum also began to compete in the field of electronic commerce.

"the ordering website is divided into two categories, one is self kitchen type, such as KFC and prosperous Lihua Fast food is designed to do; a middleman, both as Fantong only build third party platform to provide information service, also has a package of distribution logistics." The former is the definition of "mouse plus cement" mode, the latter is the "click and run errands".

mouse and run errands —

Fantong Jiezeeryu model difficult to keep

as the first country to provide Internet services for the meal, Fantong’s current operating network has been extended to the 52 National City, thousands of large and small hotels and restaurants to join fantong.

people will Fantong profit pattern similar to Ctrip, no logistics distribution (ticket business excepted), are offering discounts and booking charges directly to consumers. Rice unification network can also answer all the questions in front of consumers, involving the contents of the parking lot, small to the hotel has no toilet.

Its founder

Zang Li also admitted that the current profit model is through the reservation service to the catering enterprises, to get into. "But we still have income in other areas, such as advertising, such as activities, engage in meetings and publishing."

reporter also learned that in the rise of the network group purchase, Fantong also opened a rice and vegetable roll plate, every few days to update a restaurant preferential projects, because it is the people with the group purchase discount in general, 2-3%, very cost-effective.

but the restaurant profits are weakened by the invisible, not only to provide consumers with a discount, but also to Fantong return referral traffic to the rebate commission.

third party network profit research center also believes that the profits of the production of rice unification network has predatory significance, at the expense of the interests of franchisees to become their own interests. As the rice unification network bigger and bigger, join the cooperation of the restaurant is also more and more, to join the rice unification network to bring the competitive advantage of the restaurant will be more and more diluted. We have to discount, compared with their peers, there is no advantage. Not to mention rice