The use of personal blog website promotion

morning to ADMIN5, saw an article saying the Content Alliance to improve ALEXA ranking, free to register a domain name to handle Content Alliance, Content Alliance, and can do their own advertising content in.

saw these things, I have a little idea, to share with you, if not well when I said nothing.

I believe we all know, now many bloggers have custom HTML code function, why don’t we use this function to do some image links on our blog, text links, some of the more attractive title on their web site a link on the blog, link to our website. Perhaps there are more methods, we can further study, so, don’t forget to tell me the.QQ: 392511574

do what can bring us much traffic? I can only say that I don’t know, maybe less. However, if your blog content, of course, there will be a lot of people, as long as you link to do well, I believe that some people will not be less. If your blog can be recommended it more.

so many blogs have this function, why my title is a NetEase? Is my NetEase blog more, there is a NetEase, the blog with friends without limitation, it is convenient. Spend 20 minutes a day can add hundreds of friends.

if your site traffic has been very high, then you may not care about the flow of.