Traditional wedding photography industry how to promote the network you use the method

traditional wedding photography industry, is one of the biggest drawbacks of a single business, for the mass consumer groups, only to walk into the wedding hall, "wedding photography is an indispensable step!" because for most people, marriage only once, wedding photography only once, many wedding to benefit maximization in 2999, the possession of invisible consumption yuan, 3999 yuan, 5999 yuan package, in order to get more consumers, and even engage in vicious price competition, in addition to the traditional wedding photography, wedding photography industry is very difficult in other business profits


with the Internet barbaric growth, "subversion" tested in various industries, and photography industry but also in the Internet to find a new growth point, in the case of Taobao, Taobao in order to show their baby, please try live funded at their baby and photos to the shop, in order to achieve the Ultimate Shooting find a professional team, has become a lot of Taobao baby must be on-line "one of the investment projects", because the unique characteristics of the Taobao deal pay, "after the shooting to hit the money to each other, then, compared with the traditional photography, more transparent consumption, quality of service and improve a lot, therefore, the Internet has a unique the advantage has injected new vitality into the traditional wedding photography, wedding photography studio lot began on the network distribution channels, expand business, Network promotion!

photography industry network promotion, although the comparison and housekeeping, taxi, beauty and other service industries, has its unique characteristics, in the "Convention" consumer spending habits, the network consumption is a relatively vague concept, so you want to promote in the network, must be based on the target customer habits, have for the promotion, if the method is not appropriate, not only invested a lot of cost, the final effect is not particularly good.

first, as the traditional wedding industry, should have their own main battlefield on the network, the main battlefield is either platform or website". Compared with other industry sites, photography sites pay more attention to the art, in addition to the text content updates, but also need to picture to speak. A group of amazing "wedding" is difficult to describe with the language, and through the photo – directly on the picture can be said to consumers, all of a sudden you can feel. Wedding photography is a process of deliberately, many couples to take wedding photos, take a day, "the trivial life compressed into a picture, or a small video, including a variety of bride wedding dress, makeup makeup, how to give the bride photographer points and so on, on the website, the" original ecology "what is the most true, the most able to conquer" grass root ", so, the website photography industry because of the need to store a lot of content on the website of the speed, the server must have certain quality requirements, a good wedding website, video, pictures, text should contain three aspects, but also to ensure the update


secondly, wedding photography to get more business, we should actively explore new business, because the stereotyped wedding business, no doubt >