How to operate content marketing Study on the successful spread of Jing Chai documentary under the d

Jing Chai documentary dome under until 20:13 on February 28th, the line less than 1 days to play the 60 million 760 thousand time, resulting in a review of the 46389 hours, the number of hits in the major video sites within 24 hours. The Jing Chai speech documentary is one of the most successful presenters I’ve ever seen leaving the CCTV platform. She did not do the company, did not do entertainment, but continued their careers, which is an achievement of self-worth, but also a model of content marketing.

the Jing Chai documentary and get rid of the traditional speech of explosive growth in Internet mode, using the traditional documentary online distribution channels, but the real growth is spread and fermentation in the WeChat circle of friends. Pure Tencent video playback volume accounted for nearly 1/2 of the entire Internet mobile Internet broadcast.

Internet era, the media is everywhere, propagation velocity is faster than in the past, and "under the dome" in every part in the embodiment of "Internet thinking" – this is said under the abuse of the statement and some way to make a fortune – dome, there is a "Chai female" gave us an addiction "" let us see the tremendous potential of the era of big data Internet thinking.

so, under the dome of the Jing Chai documentary, based on the era of big data thinking of the classic success of the Internet, can bring us those inspired? Try to summarize the following four points:

one, how to achieve universal participation in


haze is a topic of concern to everyone". Environmental issues are closely related to everyone, this topic is also likely to cause strong repercussions. Jing Chai documentary under the dome of the spread of the demand is very clear, is to let people know what is haze haze how to haze, we ordinary people how to do?

in accordance with the conventional thinking, it may be one of the people to create a "pollution case", the report "environmental protection" and "pollution control" theme. But this can only be used for a small number of audience, but also caused some people to question, not the best publicity case.

however, Jing Chai documentary "under the dome" is not the same, it adopts the method of guiding, trapping, let the audience to participate in communication, so that "seeing is believing" make people believe, and willing to spread, "full participation" is established.

two, how to grasp the "right"


Jing Chai documentary "under the dome" success spread very accurately grasp the opportune.

first, Jing Chai documentary "under the dome" play time is February 28th, it is the weekend, just as the Spring Festival all crowd Beijing not long, netizens Internet time. At the same time, the environment minister has just assumed office, two barrels of oil to the news of the merger rumors, in NPC and CPPCC held before the launch of such a universal topic, commonweal theme, it is at a crucial moment, pull the trigger, is attracting a large.