Cao Xun shop promotion focus on winning in the implementation of planning

every day there are new friends to consult the relevant shop promotion experience, and some even have a period of time to ask me if there is any new shop promotion methods. Most of the time we spend too much time on the way to find, but ignore the good shop promotion methods are from the beginning of the implementation of a step by step.

just started doing shop promotion because people feel confused, then know more confused. Because the East West a great gun, in fact not a summary seriously do low.

a year ago to know a friend, but also from scratch, the promotion of unknown shop. And my brief conversation I want to tell him the message is a good way to. This method has been mentioned to a lot of people, some people tried but because of the cold face of others, or insist on a few days feel boring and no effect to give up. A year later to see the friend’s shop, has risen to two diamond. After understanding, this year almost all his online promotion methods is sent want information, do not know how many letters are small, but never stopped.

I have always thought to do shop promotion, the most stupid way is actually the best way. Because others ignore, insist on not down, then you have the possibility of success. Good shop promotion program is important, but with respect to good execution, I value the latter. Two crown friend once said to me that such a sentence: "when all the people are very clever, we will do a fool, because of scarcity, the wise man too much is not worth the money, and fool the more valuable".

shop promotion do not superstitious, do not blindly seek shortcut, adhere to is the kingly way. When you spend too much time looking for ways to do it, you are less likely to be able to promote. Planning a good program, then the hard to implement, not too long you will see amazing results.

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