Sumner County Sheriff bookings: May 6 – May 13, 2013

first_imgGuerra, Weigand20Caldwell, Ks900 E 16th WellingtonWPDDriving under the influence, Minor in possession, Consumption by a minor, Transporting an open container.5/10/13 Greg Norris37Wellington, KsKay County Detention CenterSUSOWarrant Arrest Theft of Property5/8/13 Christopher Clark39Wichita, KS6300 N Rock Road Derby, KSDerby PDFailure to wear seat belt and DWS5/9/13 Tidwell, Tara27Wichita, KS5500 S Hydraulic WichitaMPDWarrant Arrest Failure to Appear5/12/13 Sedgwick27 NameAgeHome TownLocation of ArrestAgencyChargesDate of Arr Rebecca Clark28Caldwell, Ks500 N. Washington, Wellington KsSUSOProbation Violation5/10/13 Ivan Winn30Wellington, Ks1402 Michigan Apt D WellingtonWellington PDFailure to Appear5/7/13 Larry Hollis54Wichita, KS777 Kansas Star Dr MulvaneMPDDUI, refuse breath, refuse test to determine alcohol5/10/13 Nicholas Telles35Winfield, KsU.S. 160, mp 295KHPD.W.S. and Failure to Wear Seatbelt, and City of Iola Warrant5/8/13 Serrano, Aldo27Wichita, KS1100 N K15 MulvaneSUSODriving While Suspended, Liability insurance5/11/13 Bell, Tom Jr.53Wichita, KS1133 N. Green, Wichita, KsSUSOFailure to Appear5/10/13 Travis L Singleton40Oxford, KS412 S Sumner Apt B Oxford, KsSUSOFailure to Appear5/8/13 Cyrus Cunningham21Wellington, KsWellington, KSWellington PDDriving Under the Influence5/8/13 Shiloh J Chase21Oxford, KS320 N Water, Oxford, KSOxford PDDV Battery X25/8/13 Davis, Cody22Wellington, Ks610 E Hillside WellingtonWPDServing sentence5/11/13 Hughes, Keiferro24Wichita, KSWellington PD 200 N CWellington PDRobbery5/6/13 Landon Blackburn26Derby, KsSumner County DetentionSUSOserving sentence5/10/13 Arterburn, Harry57Caldwell, Ks783 W.175th S., Caldwell, KsSUSOserving sentence5/10/13 Lacey, Tyler21Argonia, Ks700 N Conway Springs Rd ConwaySUSODUI5/11/13 Billy Russell59Wellington, KsWPDWPDSale of Morphine within 1000ft of school,sale of Heroin within 1000ft of school, Conspiracy to sell Heroin within 1000ft of school, use communication facility to facilitate drug sale5/9/13 Wellington12 Sumner19center_img Stewart, Melissa28Wellington, Ks815 N. Poplar, Wellington Ks.Wellington PDViolation of a Protective Order5/7/13 Shepard, Eric52Wellington, Ks1226 E 90th Ave NSUSODV Battery, DV Criminal Damage to property5/8/13 Callaway, Joseph36Caldwell, KsHarvey and C St WellingtonWPDDUI5/11/13 The following is the Sumner County Sheriff jail bookings for May 6 – May 13, 2013… Jason Kirkby30Wichita, KSEldorado CorrectionalSUSOBurglary of a dwelling, Theft, Burglary of Motor vehicle, Conspiracy to commit burglary of a dwelling, theft of prop5/9/13 Casey Williams32Wellington, KsSumner County Court HouseSUSOserving sentence5/9/13 James Master48Peck, KS1400 N US 81 Peck KSSUSODWS, no insurance, registration5/10/13 William Sirmons49Wellington, Ks1909 N A Wellington, KsSUSOSale of Heroin,sale of Heroin within 1000ft of school, Conspiracy to sell Heroin within 1000ft of school, use communication facility to facilitate drug sale5/9/13 Hochevar, Caly28Wellington, Ks3rd and Ash WellingtonWPDDriving while Suspended5/11/13 Maggie Redford33Wellington, KsWPDWPDsale of Heroin, Conspiracy to sell Heroin and PV5/9/13 Mulvane2 Monday 0800  to  Monday 0800WEEKLY   BOOKINGS 5/6/2013 thru 5/13/2013 BOOKINGS Raymond Clark52Wichita, KS1400 N81 MulvaneSUSODUI, DWS and PV5/9/13 Jeffery Redford34Wellington, Ks405 S Olive Wellington, KsWPDsale of Heroin x4, Conspiracy to sell Heroin, use communication facility to facilitate drug sale5/9/13 Batchelor, Issac18Oxford, KS200 W Main OxfordSUSODUI and Minor in Consumption5/12/13 Morris, Norman34Eureka, KS200 S US 81SUSOMonroe County Missouri Warrant5/8/13 Oxford1 Hughes, Rayshon26Seattle, WA200 N C Ste 100, WellingtonWellington PDRobbery5/6/13 KHP1 Maxton, Kathryn57Wichita, KS400 E 16th Wellington, KSSUSOFelony Theft5/6/13last_img