16 more cases of COVID-19 in listening area confirmed over the weekend

first_imgFloyd11 Butler Hancock2 Wright14 Mitchell Cerro Gordo Winnebago Franklin7 Mitchell4 Butler14 Wright3 Franklin Area Total44 Winnebago4 Area Total85 Kossuth3 Floyd2 Winnebago6 Worth Kossuth2 Confirmed Cases Franklin3 Kossuth Recovered Hancock Cerro Gordo18 Hancock5 Butler12 Wright Mitchell3 Deaths Cerro Gordo12 Floyd1 Worth3 DES MOINES — State health officials over the weekend reported a total of 15 more deaths from COVID-19.On Saturday, the Iowa Department of Public Health reported ten deaths and 279 new cases in the state, while on Sunday they reported five more deaths and 323 new cases.The Iowa Department of Public Health now says 351 people have died from COVID-19 while 14,651 people have tested positive. A total of 7154 people have totally recovered.Looking in our immediate listening area, 16 more cases of coronavirus have been reported — seven new cases in Wright County; three more in Cerro Gordo; two in Hancock; and single cases in Butler, Floyd, Kossuth and Worth.That brings the total number of cases in our listening area to 85 — 18 in Cerro Gordo; 14 each in Butler and Wright; 11 in Floyd; seven in Franklin; six in Winnebago; five in Hancock; four in Mitchell; and three cases each in Kossuth and Worth. Worth1 Area Total1last_img