YAHOO issued a statement to terminate all negotiations with Microsoft

YAHOO issued a statement on Thursday, announced the termination of negotiations between Microsoft and the acquisition of, because Microsoft refused to pay the price of $47 billion 500 million offered last month. YAHOO said that Microsoft made it clear that the company is not interested in the acquisition of the entire YAHOO, YAHOO has not been the Internet search business to sell to Microsoft alone. The following is the full text of YAHOO statement:

YAHOO today announced that the potential deal with Microsoft to discuss whether it is the overall acquisition of YAHOO, or part of the acquisition has been completely terminated. At the end of the negotiations before YAHOO and Microsoft can replace the transaction held many meetings and dialogue, including YAHOO and Microsoft in the talks held in June 8th, when YAHOO chairman Roy · Bostock (Roy Bostock) and the independent directors of other companies are involved in the meeting. At the time of the meeting, representatives of Microsoft unequivocally pointed out that even if the price per share will acquire to its original $33, Microsoft has no intention to buy the entire YAHOO.

on Microsoft’s acquisition of YAHOO search only asset, YAHOO board of directors after careful evaluation after the decision, such a deal with the company gathered search and display market point of view is not consistent. This will allow YAHOO to lose its independent search business, YAHOO believes that the search business is the key to YAHOO’s future strategy. Therefore, the search business sold to Microsoft does not meet the best interests of YAHOO shareholders.

YAHOO will continue to implement the strategy has been developed, that is, the starting point of the Internet (Starting Points) and advertisers must choose (Must Buy), to maximize shareholder value. The online advertising market in 2007 the output value of about $40 billion, to 2010 will increase to $75 billion, YAHOO said the company has assets, strategic planning, board of directors and management team the right to seize this opportunity for growth of