Olympia Snow Storm Of 2012 Is Becoming Just A Memory

first_imgFacebook0Tweet0Pin0The snow storm of 2012 is becoming just a memory.  How you feel about the storm depends on how well you were prepared, mentally and physically to handle a “catastrophe” that was out of your control.  The storm was a reminder that we, individuals , families, and businesses, do not have the means to control all variables.  Some occurrences happen despite our intentions, plans or wishes.  As we say in Washington state, “RAIN Happens”.  It is a fact that life will throw us curve balls.   How we are able to react, how we feel, the stress level of the tension involved with dealing with the unintended, will all depend on our preparation.Going without power for 4 hours or 4 days could be an adventure or uncomfortable stressful period.  If thought and action was given to the possibility of being without power, more than likely this event will become a memory with a few smiles attached.  You will feel more powerful and in control because you acted in a meaningful way during a “crisis”.   However, if you were unprepared with no flashlights/candles accessible, source of heat, means to communicate, store and preserve food, perhaps not so many smiles.  If you spent these hours or days without power, cold and miserable, or buying a generator or renting a hotel room with funds that were allocated for other purposes, chances are you are not happy and your memory of the snow storm of 2012 will not be a pleasant one.Preparation, forethought, planning or lack thereof made a difference to you in this last week.  For must of us, this “crisis” will be short lived. The snow is melting, power is back on and we have  cleaned up the melted mess of the freezer.    If, along with the power outage, you had storm damage, or accident/injury without the proper risk mitigation tools in place, such as an  emergency fund along with the right insurance, the pain of the snow storm will be lasting for some time.  Plan, have the resources, accessibility to tools and access to assistance prior to the catastrophe.Planning can be complex or a series of steps.  It is consistently proactive.  With planning, whether it be another snow storm, critical illness, job loss or decreasing investment portfolio, you can act from a point of strength, not from a place of uneasiness and uncertainty.  Acknowledge the planning you’ve done so far and seek Improvement or, if need be, start from the beginning.   Learn from the last week and strengthen your position.   Plan not only for crisis such as snow storms or physical issues,  but for your long term goals such as your child’s education, your next home and your financial independence.  Gain the peace of mind of being prepared.What is your lesson learned from last week and your next action?Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MLIC), New York, NY 10166. Securities products and investment advisory services offered by MetLife Securities, Inc. (MSI) (member FINRA/SIPC) and a registered investment adviser.  MLIC and MSI are MetLife Companies.  L0112235382[exp0612]last_img