Founder of the interpretation of the failure of Digg squeezed by social media



Kevin Rose had boarded the cover of business week in 2006


technology news Beijing time on July 14th morning news, in the Digg sale to Betaworks, the company founder Kevin · Ross (Kevin Rose) said in an interview for the first time, Digg failed because of "social media has grown up".

Ross said that he sold part of the company equity investment risk in number theory in Digg, but did not make too much money". However, this is only one of Ross’s many regrets. He founded the social news sharing site in 2004, and later served as executive and director until the company sold.

Digg is one of the first social media sites, can help users to collect news, without having to rely on media editing. 2008, the company’s valuation once more than $160 million, but eventually the sale price of $500 thousand to Betaworks.

Ross attributed Digg’s failure to the company’s own mistakes and the rise of Facebook and Twitter. For example, the revision of the summer of 2010 is a big mistake. More importantly, Ross believes that Digg’s criticism of the outside world too slow.

"we’re eager to re raise traffic." He said, when we figure out the situation, many users have been evacuated."

he also said that Digg cloning Twitter and Facebook sites such as the function is also a big mistake. "We do a lot of things that don’t fit our genes." He said.

Ross said, Twitter and Facebok began to erode the flow of Digg, because the two sites have become the best source of news and information, and this is precisely the main reason for attracting users Digg. He said: Twitter has become an important channel for the search for news on the Internet, Facebook has become the main platform for sharing links, social media really grew up."

also said that these new sites are more simple, more convenient way to share content, however, to be released on the Digg link requires 8 steps."

Digg is a technical problem finally overwhelmed. In the 2010 Revision, Digg hopes to adopt a new data center, but because of the problems encountered in the MySQL database software, they began to use another open source database named Cassandra. "We have problems with the code revision." He said, "nothing is worse than knowing that there is a problem that cannot be solved. There was no Amazon Web services, if it is today, it is much easier to solve."