1×1 of Atleti: Oblak held Atleti and Vitolo resurrected him

first_imgThomas: Atlético’s first shot between the three suits was his. A trallazo marks the house at the hands of Neto. Without too much presence in the center. Messi received very easily between him, Herrera and Saul. With too much. Erratic later although it improved in the second part.Herrera: Simeone chose him to start in front of Koke and gave strength to the center of the red and white field. He forced Neto to a great stop in the throwing of a foul that left his foot looking for the net stuck to the stick. It was the change to rest.Saul: Irrelevant for much of the game. Inconsistent in the middle, he moved to the left-handed side past game time, when Vitolo entered Lodi. It was released by getting strong at the site and stealing a ball from Vidal’s boot.João Felix: Lost, unable to own the attack situations of Atlético. He had a snatch in the first minutes but now. On the next ball he touched, he fell. And there was no more. Opposite was Griezmann. It is still light years ahead of what the previous ‘7’ of Atlético was. And by this time of his first year, San Mamés had already passed, had already exploded. Good Portuguese career before the break. In the previous play they had to separate him from Jordi Alba. After Messi, when the teams were retiring, when it was incredible. Then with Suarez. Savic arrived to separate and protect the Portuguese. Character has. All that remains is for things to come out. He improved in the second part. Morata: Atlético’s first approach to Neto’s goal was in his boots. Fighter, as always, erratic in decision-making in front of the goal, with no confidence to face. Until he had to throw the penalty. He picked up the ball and fired loudly and midway to his right.Koke: He went to rest and placed himself in the double pivot with Thomas. And in the first ball he touched, goal. At 18 seconds He couldn’t show his captaincy better in King Abdullah. But five minutes was very soft to a ball that Messi had in the heart of the area … The end of the film was the same as always. Goal of the Argentine. 26 minutes later Llorente waited in the band. The rojiblanco doctor, Celada, by his side. Koke had hurt himself in one play. He was returning to the bench. Injured.Vitolo: He left after game time and gave Atlético the intention he had lost in all the remaining minutes. At least he has the opposite goal in his head. The others, during almost every game just look back. His entry resurrected Atlético. Caused the penalty that marked Morata 2-2.Llorente: It was nothing against the current as soon as he left. He saw the yellow one, too. But, after his departure, the red and white comeback. At the end of the game he ran into Neto after a counter. Oblak: In an action with Suarez in the 15th minute ‘he received a blow from Luis Suarez after the ball bounced him in front and the goalkeeper caught him. But he lay in the grass, suffering from a blow to the knee. Seven minutes later he made his first miracle of the game. He stopped Messi with a thigh. And with sore thigh. Atlético did not leave their feet in the entire first part. And, of course, that forces him. In 39 ’his third miracle of the first part to complete the most holy trinity. Before Griezmann, a hand in hand. Five minutes had been played in the second half when Messi was ahead. There was no fourth miracle. Or yes, but a little later. Before Griezmann. The Frenchman knows all the intentions. He stopped his attempt at Vaseline. But the goalkeeper was too bad, despite having all his team locked at his feet. And even God’s gloves get tired of holding on, they can’t with everything, especially when they arrive on the right, on the left and in the air. He saved with another miracle a header at point blank range of Suarez, but the rejection was left to Griezmann to mark head. Messi and Vidal also scored him but the VAR lowered their goals from the scoreboard.Trippier: It only went up once but ended up in Atlético attack. He focused but the ball went out in the background. Little transcendentSavic: He returned to eleven due to Giménez’s injury. In the shadow of Felipe. His contribution to the game was different: first a tangana with Piqué and then be the footballer who went to separate Suárez from João Félix. In football, very white and without rhythm. Griezmann made several portraits.Felipe: Giménez’s absence caused him to move to the left profile. Winner of all jumps. It remained head insurance. He is the guardian of the area. All the hung balls and lateral centers of Atlético ended in his forehead. The best rojiblanco in the first part.I gave it: First duel against Barcelona after Simeone had left him in the bank in La Liga. A knife in the attack. Soft back: his band was Messi’s door to the Oblak area over and over again. Retired in 66 ’after a game of neither fu nor fa. Saul had to go to the side.Belt: He started unbalanced on the right, but in one action he took a blow with Neto and lay on the grass. He tried to continue but his ankle did not allow it. He was limping. Simeone played with one minus several minutes. The Argentine continued in the field but Atlético was no longer eleven and the team, which had started intense and in the field of Barcelona, ​​got into the cave and survived. At the beginning of the second part, he was still on the green. And when he got off the field, he found Koke for the goal. In the 85th minute, he scored 2-3 for Atletico when he escaped in a counter and beat Neto. He shot from above, the goalkeeper put his hand and the goal crossed the line before a Barça player took it out, but in this competition the goal technology was released, the clock struck the referee’s wrist … It was goal. That continued on the field was key, it is sweet. last_img