“Neymar must forget his birthday in Brazil if he returns”

first_imgResignation.“It had been a long time since I was going against the tide. I thought differently from the rest and nothing happens. I realized that I was the only one who thought in a certain way. The football commission that formed with Bartomeu, Bordas, Elias and Vilajoana was not I agree with me and with Pep Segura’s task as general manager. I was the only one who defended him. I felt alone. “Lack of sports director“Things from outside look different. Barça has 120 years of history and things have not gone so badly. With Andoni, Robert and Pep Segura there was a strategy and now they have decided to do without it. It is a decision of the board I can’t get in. I recognize that I had a low profile because I delegated. “How do you see Barça?“You have to recognize the merit of everything that has been done lately. The least they deserve is respect and gratitude, but you have to be aware that nothing is eternal. We live a transition and you have to give people time, have patience and give time. “ Jordi Mestre, who was sports vice president of FC Barcelona from 2014 until seven months ago, when he resigned claiming professional motives he broke his silence first in a interview in Mundo Deportivo and then in Catalunya Ràdio in which he assured that he would sign Neymar again attending only sports criteria, he acknowledges that he left the board due to differences in criteria with other members of the board regarding sports policy and that if Morata did not arrive and signed to Boateng last campaign went to “keep good chemistry in the locker room“. These are some of his reflections in Catalunya Ràdio. Players power“From the planning point of view the first team is very important, that is clear. They have the power, but not the one that is published. Players are not banned or imposed. The only exception was with Neymar. They wanted me to come, but the planning is of the club.In the case of Morata there were two issues.One was the budgetary control of the club and there Pep Segura was always very disciplined.Then there was the sporting condition, Morata was international and could not suck the bench. and the weather in the locker room was good and if he came and wanted to play we could have a problem, but the players didn’t decide. “Neymar“The players asked for it, but they did not press. I came out portrayed. If I came back and the club benefited, I would not be in trouble. I have the right pride. Sports can come back, but conditions. First the PSG has to want, then withdraw the demand and do an act of contrition and nothing about parties or birthdays in Brazil. There were first-team players who were with him at a wedding and didn’t know anything he wanted to leave. “Valverde“I don’t know what Abidal meant. Neither Messi kept it nor Messi carried it. He plays as he trains and plays as he trains, but that doesn’t mean changing the coach. It would be normal for Abidal to last until 2021, which is when they touch the elections. “Values“In the world of football, everything is results today and we can all deceive ourselves. Barça aspires to win everything and has won everything, but since there is when we talk about values. I don’t like this discourse about values. When you are in a complicated situation, what you want is to win. If we want to deceive ourselves, we deceive ourselves, but we have to prioritize. And the priority is to win and get titles. When you win you can talk about values, now I don’t see many people talking about values”.last_img