Occupation social dispute who can have the last laugh

occupation social network dispute

job hopping is an eternal topic in the workplace, but the traditional recruitment website has been said to be yesterday, professional social networking sites are quietly rising. There are street network, skyline, etc., while the LinkedIn into China also let the war is playing into a melee……

written: Mu Yuanyuan editor: Liu can Du Dan

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The rise of the

professional social network is not accidental, the traditional recruitment website is making recruiters and candidates more and more dissatisfied.

In the survey, according to HR, director and other staff recruitment specialist for

foreign research agency Jobscience, social network, especially the development of occupation of social networking sites, is gradually changing the enterprise recruitment mode. 36% of respondents said they plan this year to find candidates through social networks such as Facebook. Market structure

domestic occupation social networking sites street network, Ushi, sky network, Wealink, headhunting network, the operation mode of the web site is different, but still it is difficult to say which one do far ahead.

and LinkedIn can be said to be the pioneer occupation of the social network, but also the world’s largest social networking site occupation. Data statistics, as of February 2013, the size of its users has exceeded 200 million. Small survey

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job hopping is an eternal topic in the workplace, but also a lot of time to break through the bottleneck of the workplace, promotion and raise the shortcut. The recruitment website is past, the workplace of the most reliable search deep – employment shortage and labor shortage coexist; occupation gregarious website is used in this environment?