A new video will promote the fall of the video site monopoly

4 28 noon news, Tudou today announced the acquisition of $57 million financing, investors mainly from Europe and the United states. In addition to the potatoes before investing in IDG, General Catalyst and GGV, but also includes the Rockefeller family.

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pass Youku internal news said: Youku funds strand breaks rumors have recently been confirmed!! the latest round of financing is not fully in place, just got a small portion of the money, and the financing is a hedge fund. Hedge capital patience not more than one year, the investment conditions, usually based on indicators in the different stages of payment!! Koo recently and investors hope to multi-party negotiations, the funds are in place, but investors have been dragging not to do, it seems possible to find an excuse to cut back the money, so the company has to get the message people have begun to retreat to.

2008 China’s video industry has three major events: video new deal, a new wave of venture capital, marketing system construction. In fact, the greatest impact of the new deal was not let the video video website "the family died out, but VC did not dare to let the money to invest in the city accounted for a lower rate to Chinese contributed to the bright younger generation, the video industry to capital intensive, although this is not the original intention of broadcasting and regulation.

in the past few years, the development of China video industry is not a "social drive", nor "search driven", but "capital drive", in the long run, although the license has not arrived, but the darling of the capital, potatoes, Youku, my music is likely to become the biggest beneficiary of the new video.

to clear the American market, China micro video market is still far from certain, but to the capital intensive, China video sharing industry PV, UV, and market share etc. are tend to focus on this point, it can be said that China in us way.

Recently, iResearch DCCI, AC

, CNNIC Nielsen released a number of research institutions have been reported, the iResearch report also raised the potatoes and Youku controversy, two BOSS are "very angry", while a company seems not too keen. However, from the user data statistics, Youku, potatoes, I stand in the first tier music, other peers will be far behind.

but in my opinion, Wang Wei and Koo "very angry" is not worth, differentiation and concentration trend of China video industry will continue, in the end who is the last king, by saying: "when the tide can only see who is naked".


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