Bullish tactics to local governance approach

first_imgDear Editor,Convincing evidence of willful discrimination and futile cover-up attempts of shameless bullish tactics, permeates almost every aspect of the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Local Governance approach. With these on the rise, the often-complete silence from the Government, or the contradicting attempts to convey acceptance, spurns and flies in the face of even the ordinary supporters.The muteness may have come from a rather alarming number of times APNU/AFC Ministers were exposed for making empty and shallow public pronouncements.It cannot be denied that this Government has utilised tremendous amounts of State resources in political witch-hunts, while turning a blind eye to glaring breaches of standing legislation by many among its ranks.Such approaches will never constitute any acceptable measure of democratic governance. Rather, it implies the handing down of internal political party directions to get unacceptable things done outside of the approved approach, and often in violation under the Constitution.The deaf ears tactic is equally revealing and tantamount to telling citizens, that their outcries are damned in the eyes of the Government.The demonstration of disrespect by this Government towards citizens, reaches a new threshold daily. How can a known People’s National Congress activist, who is appointed as Regional Executive Officer in a region, be allowed to divert budgeted appropriations for key production support projects, to plant palm trees on the road shoulders.The actions of REO Rupert Hopkinson in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) deserves strongest condemnations and firm sanctions. He has admitted to utilising monies allocated for up-keeping the ‘Roads and dams and clean trenches to plant palm trees on the road shoulders. Citizens could and must visit the Essequibo Coast and look at millions of dollars that are being spent to grow and maintain the Palm trees, while farmers are suffering and losing millions of dollars because of Government neglect.The time is most opportune for the Local Government Commission to open their mouth and start speaking out on all these serious ‘staff’ issues. It is the Local Government Commission that has direct responsibilities for all staffing matters in the Local Authority Areas.On another front of significant community importance, the increasing propensity of armed robberies has reached new heights almost unchecked. It is indeed distressing to know that a poor and dedicated market vendor was shot in the presence of three City Constables. According to reports, the unarmed Constables saw the bandits lurking around and suspicious of their intent, urged the vendors to hurry-up and pack their goods and leave the place.The reluctance of the City Constables to seek assistance from the Ruimveldt Police Station which is within walking distance from the spot where the vendor was shot is questionable and perhaps reflective of lack of training.There is a less than shallow approach in dealing with these emerging treats, and one must not forget that in 2015, the collation Government had done much to undermine the policing group relations with communities. There is no comprehensive strategy to protect the citizens and the Government has demonstrated their cluelessness in this regard, leaving citizens at the mercy of the bandits who often quietly walk away.The situation begs the question: what is City Hall doing with its failing Constabulary Officers who continues to prey on the vendors on a daily basis for their perks?Notably, City Hall has increased its 2018 budgetary allocations to the Constabulary for employment costs and training. It suggests that the staff complement of the Constabulary would be increased and training would be enhanced. One only hopes the funds allocated for training is not wasted.The municipality of Georgetown needs to have security professionals with psychologically based knowledge, to assess situations and provide the relevant and courteous services to the vendors and the people to avoid the transgressions at the municipal Council of Georgetown.Sincerely,Neil Kumarlast_img